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What Is The One Thing Missing As a Musician, DJ, In a Band and In The Music Industry? Copywriting

There are some fabulous websites out there designed by website designers, obviously, or even more specific music website designers or you create it yourself but what is not so good or missing is great web copy (writing). A compelling story being told through words.

Francetta is noticing more and more musicians investing in their music career and bringing out great songs but are forgetting about copywriting for EPKs, websites and promotional material etc.

Most emerging talent, musicians to DJs and record label owners, record producers, A&R, music studios, beat makers, small or unique music stores, streaming services, brand development companies plus music business professionals believe that once they've got the product (their music) and their website is up and live, they're done. But we all want listeners, sales, streams and downloads, booked appointments for studio hire and more, right? Copywriting is all about sales, more listeners, followers, customers or clients via websites, landing pages, music platforms (e.g. Spotify) and marketing or promotional material. Content writing is about giving advice or entertainment to your audience via blog posts, videos and podcasts.

Don't assume that only other industries, businesses and companies need great copy. What about yourself?

  1. A great social media biography

  2. An interesting Spotify/ SoundCloud/ Audiomack biography

  3. Compelling words for your press release website (1 page usually) or full website (2+ pages)

  4. Fun words, for your promotional material, that tell your message or story

  5. Catchy words for your live performance PR material and merchandise

  6. To-the-point paragraphs for your distribution company, music studio or podcast area/ venue etc

  7. Memorable words (title) for your album and/ or album booklet

  8. And the list goes on.....

Well, as this blog post goes to show, at Dats Muzik we love two things writing and websites. Francetta has a way with words and knows how to marry sentences together, that will tell your ethos and message throughout. When people read it, they'll understand you and what you've been trying to express all along.

As we say, if you're not good at something, it takes you days or the words on the page aren't representing you as you want then get an expert to do it? Visit our services or get in touch with me here.


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