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Get more streams and downloads, social media followers + music lovers go to your gig, event and/ or festival and support you with a review featured on the blog.

I'm part of MUSOSOUP (a music platform) so there is a money contribution request and 3 days of social media marketing to push each review + a feature on 'Songs of The Moment' Spotify Playlist is 100% agreed! 

Please do click this link (affiliate link) to submit your music and get the ball rolling.

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Are you an unsigned or emerging talent, musician to DJ? Into Afrobeat (with hints of Amapiano, HipHop, Dance/ Electro/ House, Funk, Reggaeton/ Latin music)?


Dats Muzik is one of many blogs featured on Musosoup. A platform, where in one easy submission, you could feature on blogs, get song placements/ featured on playlists, stations and more. They cater to all genres but want to feature on an Afrobeat blog/ music review website? Then click my affiliate link here and submit. Once approved then we'll get the ball rolling.​

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So you want to just be on the playlist? As you can imagine, Dats Muzik gets lots of emerging talent (artists, bands, musicians and DJs) asking to be featured on Dats Muzik's 'Songs of The Moment' Spotify Playlist (SOTM). To get 100% guarantee that your music is listened to and too help me keep the playlist up and running, please submit via Musosoup. My affiliate link is here.

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A £7 money contribution would be much appreciated, as that will help with promotion for the playlist and promotion for artists featured, like yourself + a blog post etc. A blog post and/ or Instagram post/ story and Facebook post about the artists featured, will be written and marketed too. 

​Regardless of payment, all Dats Muzik asks is that you promote the playlist on all your social media pages, you and 10 people follow the playlist as well. Spread the word!

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Asset 9.png

There is a money contribution request so we can market 'SOTM' Playlist via an online article. 50% will go into marketing and 50% will go on our playlist to help keep it running. Please do click this link (affiliate link) to submit your music and get the ball rolling.100% agreed playlist feature regardless of contribution!

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