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Unlock those superpowers and take over the
world with your story... Our 5-Step Roadmaps & Frameworks
for Web Copy, Email Marketing and Social Media
ebook is the solution

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Hey fellow Zoomers! Where my boss babes, creative hustlers, and ethnic entrepreneurs at?! Let's connect and support each other! 

❌ Want to level up your online business? Hire a Paid Ad Strategist
❌ 1 touch conversation? We have to step up our game and give them reasons to stay now. It's a must!
❌ Just writing copy, emails & socials is like bread with no Nutella.

🚀 Boost Your Biz Game 📈
💥 Write killer copy in no time 👊 Boost your confidence 👑 Make a BIG impact 👉 Stay ahead of the game and keep using these tools to get the results you want.

Stories are the lifeblood of all personal brands and businesses today. Your messaging underpins everything; This will move the needle in your business. That's modern marketing!

Stories build your confidence, create significance and give you status + are the magic ingredient to dull presentations.
They grab your audiences and fix your message in their memory.

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Our Ebook... 5 Step Roadmaps &
Frameworks- Web Copy,
Email Marketing and
Social Media (Is For You) 

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You? Stressed. Feeling like you're drowning in deadlines and responsibilities. Can't catch a break, always on edge  

because you haven't added the trendious song to your Reel to become viral, you're doing all the right things but not getting the desired results? ❌ 

That's backwards. Then this ebook is the solution.

So, are you ready for "your story" and message to work as hard as you do but with a simplified method? ✔️

Are you ready to write engaging, memorable and high converting email marketing campaigns, with the tools that will deliver the desired results continuously, using your "conversion" story? ✔️

Are you ready to simplify your 2023 social media strategy and write effective captions all through the power of your "conversion" story✔️


So, 🚀 save time and boost Your biz game 📈💥 Write killer copy in no time 👊 Boost your confidence 👑 Make a BIG impact 👉 Stay ahead of the game and keep using these tools to get the results you want.

*If this page still exists, the offer is happening, but I can remove it whenever. 😎💻👀

Now OMG, this offer is super limited! Don't snooze or you'll lose the chance to snag it! Hurry and grab it now!*

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You don't need another course that's the price of a Channel bag or other freebies teaching you how to write web copy and the ways to write email newsletters and how much others earn from it (to make you go "how did they do it? They make it sound so easy. Do x, y and z and voila"). To use all the different social media platforms, ways to become viral and how to write captions.'Cause lets be honest, you know how it all works. 

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AKA, you need to understand the psychology behind stories and why your origin story will make you become like Sir David Attenborough or Rihanna (it's a feeling of status and recognition) first, then follow the roadmaps, frameworks and structures; not get more information. You need to learn why you should write significant copy and become a storyteller throughout your marketing- to make an impact and leave a legacy through your services and products; however big or small your personal brand or business is. 

Now you're ready for something more. You want success (obviously!) but you want to make people feel something (state your feeling here) and be remembered for something (state it here), right? 

What about Copy Psychology ebook too? Your other best friend!

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For millennial CEOs, ambitious creatives and black owned businesses, with Copy Psychology book... Stop struggling to find like-minded people, who don't connect and believe in your brand that you've built from the ground up. With this book, build and make an impact to your "irrational' loyal community, online and in-person. Transform their lives through your work, your story, copy and marketing. 

The rest of this page is all about 5 Step Roadmaps & Frameworks- Web Copy, Email Marketing & Social Media

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Well, your wish is my command

I've been writing copy for over 5 years+ (specialised in web copy 3 years ago) and been doing marketing over 6+ years. Since 3 years ago, when I double-down and focused on Dats Muzik Creative Copywriting, I saw growth in my business and when I turned it into my personality and characteristics + celebrated my heritage and culture; things started to change.

With "sweet spot" marketing to create my "on brand" experience/ customer journey, I needed these 3 important components first- web copy, email marketing and social media and to use my story throughout my copy and marketing. I had enough of how, when and where with copy and marketing. I wanted to know why, which gives me reasons and a purpose for doing these 3 things, making marketing a lot quicker and easier.

When doing all this, I got more press and interviews, collaborations, clients who respected my work and aligned with me. I got more recognition and others noticing me beyond my social media following numbers. My story made me become the leading black female web copywriting to date.



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Here’s why…


OMG! Today, get this book now for only £9.99! It's like super cheap and totally worth it or less than a Hello Fresh subscription, obviously... Only £19.89 for both. Score! 🙌🏼💸

So why would I do that?

Simple. I want to help millennial CEOs, ambitious creatives and black owned businesses (or people conscious of their differences) to thrive with their online business.

I want to give you your crown 👑, get you noticed, and show you the love you deserve for all your hard work. You're the real deal!

I want you to become an Irreplaceable Brand like Rihanna & friends, by looking beyond your social media following 💥 Think beyond the likes and followers to build a reputation that's truly memorable. Rihanna and other top brands have done it, and so can you.


Let's show off your unique vibe, honour your roots, and represent your culture. It's time to express your personality and showcase your dope characteristics and make your heritage pop with these copywriting and marketing psychology, roadmaps & frameworks ebooks.


Here to get you to embody yourself and tell your compelling story throughout your copywriting and marketing. Your copy, messaging and story underpins everything you do in digital marketing.

So, are you the next Oprah or Steven Bartlett or teams of geniueses? 🔥💯 These books will light a fire under your ambition and help you cultivate the mindset and skills to reach the top. Believe it, achieve it! 🚀📚


Here to build your confidence because we have to work twice as hard! 

If I can't crunch the numbers, then this promo's a no-go 😕. 

If this page is still up then the deal is still on. But, keep in mind, I could take it down at any moment.

URGENT ALERT: 🔥🔥LAST CHANCE🔥🔥 to grab this insanely 🔥LIMITED🔥 offer! Don't sleep on this incredible opportunity - act now before it's too late! ⏰

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