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Lets power up your email marketing game!  

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Are You Ready To Ignite Your Email Marketing Experience? 🔥

I've got something epic that you can use on repeat, no cap! Sleek, professional and eye-catching... Introducing our Burst of Colour and Mindful Wellness Instant bundles + email marketing cheat sheet, copy prompts and subject lines available on Etsy Store: Creative Copy Craft. 12 fully customisable proven designs and copy that create authority, build anticipation, showcase diversity and inclusion and turns your signups into sales.

Here to amplify unrepresented voices and get your story heard through cutting-edge design and killer copy. Make an impact online, engage and connect with your audience and see your brand in a whole new light (for the better).

Each newsletter is strategically designed with copy and marketing psychology at the forefront, giving you and your audience the emotion they would feel for each Industry. 

Choose a template that matches your vibe or go with what attracts you the most. Easy to customise and implement on other email marketing platforms too (ConvertKit, Klaviyo, Active Campaign and more).

Get ready to be blown away by our must have not-to-be-missed newsletter templates, email marketing cheat sheet, copy prompts and subject lines that are a total game-changer.

Plain and Simple, Is This You?

You're a young 25-34 year old boss babe, ambitious creative and ethic entrepreneur or business owner and are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to creativity. You are bold, a vibrant individual who fearlessly pushes boundaries, challenges the status quo, and infuses their ventures with a fresh, innovative spirit.

With your dynamic energy, you fearlessly blend vibrant ideas, daring aesthetics, and cutting-edge strategies to create an impactful brand that captivates audiences and makes a lasting impression. Your creativity knows no limits, and you fearlessly pursue your visions, igniting a wave of inspiration and leaving a mark on the business world? 



Are you a young 25-34 year old boss babe, ambitious creative and ethic entrepreneur or business owner

who possess a unique and captivating style of creativity. You appreciate the beauty of simplicity and understated elegance, yet you always strive to add a touch of edge to your ventures. With your keen eye for minimalism and attention to detail, you craft designs and strategies that are sleek, refined, and effortlessly cool. You excel at finding the perfect balance between simplicity and impact, creating a brand that leaves a lasting impression while exuding an aura of sophistication. Your creativity is subtle, yet it carries a powerful edge that sets you apart in the business world?

Either way, whatever you choose we've got email newsletter templates that will fit your branding, style, personality and characteristics. My Etsy Store: Creative Copy Craft is a new store, so more email newsletter bundle are coming soon!

Don't Scream For Attention... Magnetise It!

In case you haven’t noticed…The market is a freakin’ screaming match, where the average person is Inundated with up to 10,000 marketing messages per day…

Generic copy and design- simple design that "does the job"and your mediocre brand story and messaging is no longer a danger to your business, but a sure-fire way to destroy it. So as a boss babe, ambitious creative and ethnic entrepreneur, looking to stand out above the noise – there is really only one question you should be absolutely obsessed with:

In a world where attention is the most valuable commodity… How do I command it instead of demand it? How do I create a design and craft a message so insanely captivating, that I effortlessly attract my ideal audience and turn my customers into loyal fans who come to me through my email newsletters and copy?

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Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 01.31.25.png

Here's the cold hard truth- Social media and content platforms have revolutionised the world of digital marketing… But you don’t own your social media audiences. So, once you've started creating your email list, how do you keep them intrigued? Yes, you can keep sending emails with the best conversion copy, but the design is the secret sauce that keeps them hooked on your email newsletters in the Gen Z and millenial era. Copy is critical but don't overlook the power of design. It can be bold and "OMG" or simple and understated with an edge but in the end copy, content and design work hand-in-hand.

Our Etsy Store is waiting for your visit.

Heard of high cohesion and low coupling?

High cohesion is when the components of a module are directed towards performing a single task. Low coupling is when 2 or more modules are very lightly dependent on each other to perform their duties.


You see you need all 3 to have the best digital marketing to succeed online. The formula is website + emails + socials = best marketing plan and strategy. 

So, in a crowded inbox of mundane notifications, promotional newsletters, and mediocre messaging… How do you write copy, create content and design that stands out, sells outs and actually sounds and looks like you? The secret to designing a high-converting email campaign has nothing to do with how many emails you send, how big your list is, or even what type of product or service you have. It has everything to do with creating an authentic experience that makes your readers feel genuinely heard, included, and inspired by the value that you bring (yes, even when you’re selling something!).

Design plays a crucial role in email marketing because it instantly grabs attention, creates visual appeal, and enhances the overall user experience. While copy is important for conveying your message, design has the power to captivate and engage recipients even before they read a single word. Strong visuals, strategic placement of content, and compelling imagery can evoke emotions, convey brand identity, and drive action more effectively than copy alone.

Email Marketing Is Here To Stay. It's Just Different These Days.

So no matter what new product you’re launching, irresistible offer or service you're selling, If you’re ready to massively level-up your email marketing game and create an engaging, unpredictable and authentic campaign – let’s do this together.

Diversity, Individuality, Inclusion, Acceptance + being human, taking pride and amplifying unrepresented voices through brand storytelling, copy and email newsletters is what Dats Muzik Creative Copywriting is about. ARE YOU READY?

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