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Soon to become the leading UK Afrobeat & African culture bi-monthly magazine, with a hint of Amapiano, HipHop, Dance/ Electro/ House, Funk, Reggaeton/ Latin music. Dats Muzik Magazine (music & festival) is here to showcase and discover emerging talent to DJs. Give 'DIY Advice', 'Music Talks' discussions and more.

Dats Muzik has grown over time to become a well-renowned Digital Products Shop; a popular destination for clients from a diverse array of musical genres, especially the fastest growing genre, Afrobeat + music and festival enthusiasts. This bi-monthly magazine is here to promote and support UK Afrobeat and African culture + Afro, HipHop, Dance/Electro and Funk emerging talent, musicians and DJs with 'DIY Advice', 'Music Talks'. music reviews and our famous 'SOTM' Spotify Playlist + more.

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Dance and Electronic artist, Kindumb, DJing his way to the masses

October Issue 2020 - Volume 10


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​Choose between:

  • April 2019 Introduction Issue - Volume 1

  • June 2019 Issue - Volume 2

  • August Issue 2019 - Volume 3

  • October 2019 Issue - Volume 4

  • December 2019 Issue - Volume 5

  • February 2020 Issue - Volume 6

  • April 2020 Issue - Volume 7

  • June Issue 2020 - Volume 8 

  • August Issue 2020 - Volume 9

  • October Issue 2020- Volume 10

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