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Around 12 years ago, graduating with a Music Business Degree from ACM, where Grammy Award winner Ed Sheeran studied and originating from Nigeria and Ghana where Burna Boy, Stonebwoy, Yemi Alade and Seun Kuti are from, Francetta has an eclectic ear for music and in-depth knowledge about the music industry. Inspired by her cultures and travelling the world, she is here to support African, multicultural and diverse emerging talents to DJs. Let us not forget that she played the violin, did her music theory exams and had some singing lessons in the past.

Most of her 9-5 jobs have been copywriting and content executive roles and then she realised there's something about her words that many CEOs, business owners and companies like. She supports creative entrepreneurs, African, multicultural and diverse led businesses.

Well here at Dats Muzik, Francetta is the woman behind the award nominated, Vuelio Blog featured, 'Best Music Blog' for Infinity Blog Awards 2021, nominated for UK Blog Awards 2018, 'Blogger of The Week' by and featured on Songkick App, is Afrobeat music blog, Dats Muzik Blog. She writes reviews and supports Afrobeat, Amapiano, HipHop, Dance/ Electro/ House, Funk, Reggaeton/ Latin music and related genres for emerging talents, musicians to DJs and supports live music and festivals. She's an EPK design and copywriting specialist, with a bi-monthly Afrobeat magazine.

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Having worked at a worldwide hair & beauty app, Treatwell, as a content creator and copywriter, blog writer and social media manager for a creative agency plus PR & Marketing for Mama Festivals (including LoveBox, The Great Escape & Wilderness), worked at Felabration Festival and content creation for a music festival ticket booking company, she's confident that she will bring you extraordinary results.

A specialist in EPKs (electronic press kits) and website design, copy, music reviews and the Dats Muzik bi-monthly Afrobeat magazine, she is here to promote emerging talent and DJs, support

festivals, music business and creative professionals.

She's written hundreds of music reviews, written lots of copy, designed EPKs & websites, done social media work and is working on her 11th magazine issue, out this year 2021. Lets not forget her Spotify playlists too... Songs of The Moment.

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Francetta is British and considers herself a London girl but grew up with that African side. She originates from Nigeria and Ghana, so has an eclectic ear for music, which includes Afrobeat to Flamenco, HipHop to Dance, Electropop to Funk. Reading through this website you can tell that this young lady intertwines fashion and brands that feature music into her work... They are other industries which are of interest. 

Throughout the years and at present, people know Francetta for this phrase "fashion and music unites", which she thinks should be patented. Music always has a big part to play and directs the kind of style and clothing an artist wears. 

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Catchup with all the latest about Dats Muzik, the music reviews, #fashionandmusicunites over on social media (FBTwitter & Instagram) and the website, here. For advice and tips about EPKs, website and copy then keep up to date with the blog. For all new songs then follow Dats Muzik Spotify page & Songs of The Moment playlist.