Dats Muzik is here to offer you social media solutions to website design, music reviews and copywriting. To help you find the freedom you crave in your work and life through strategically getting you results.

As a Music Business graduate from Academy of Contemporary Music, with Music Tech A Levels, grade 4 violin and grade 5 theory plus 7 years+ of industry knowledge and experience, this lady is the person behind these services and her ‘UK Blog Award 2018 Nominated’, Dats Muzik Blog. Where she writes music reviews and is the editor of her own Afrobeat bi-monthly magazine, where she features artists and their songs on ‘Songs of The Moment’ playlist.  

Francetta believes all her knowledge gives her the advantage on knowing how to provide credibility and a reputation for emerging talent, musicians to DJs, music industry professionals, creatives and festivals. 

This is how it goes.... You're a musician, composing music in your bedroom or home recording studio.

You create or purchase some beats. Mix it all together with lyrics and you've composed your song. Now you should have your social media and music platform pages (Spotify or SoundCloud etc) setup.

Next, Dats Muzik comes in and helps you design and create your website with copy. Later you, consistently, add content to your social media pages. Do you see your number of followers going up? If not, Francetta will create monthly content that grows your following and brings you repeated website traffic. Now your website continues to have increased traffic and your social media following and engagement... Amazing to you.  Continuous live performances, press and media coverage, radio and TV interviews. Magazine, podcast and YouTuber/ vlogger features, reviews & more. How do you get exposure easily? Have music reviews written and an EPK designed by her. That's the third step in the process. Last but not least, copywriting. Regular blog posts, email newsletters and articles written to keep your audience engaged and your credibility high all the time.



You're in the music or creative industry, festivals or have an African or multicultural business?

Dats Muzik supports small to medium sized businesses too, so If you feel like your brand or business needs

a funky new website, copywriting or content creation then enquire below.

All the social media sites, they can see

Website Design, Music Reviews & Copywriting, Content Creator + Social Media

Cutting Edge & Writing in Your Tone of Voice

At Dats Muzik, we know that in order to win our clients’ loyalty, we must offer rewarding services. We are passionate about copywriting & content creating and achieving results for your creative or music business, festival, app or if you're a musician.  We, also, support small to medium sized creative, African and multicultural businesses in music to fashion, arts to events to photography and more.


That means more leads, clients, customers and/ or fans. From website design & copy, content to blog posts, we write in your tone of voice and style to optimise results for you. We design your website so it expresses who you are.

We're here to lighten the load off your shoulders with social media. You know it's vital for marketing yourself but do you want to spend hours on it or no? Our first priority is always the interest of the client, so we'll create the content and write the post that leads to your goals or call-to-action.

These services are designed to meet the needs of all of our clients, and help them get more leads and engagement through our words and social media.

Below is the order these services should likely be purchased and we offer Basic, Standard and Premium packages in all our services but whatever you need help with please contact us.


 Website Design & Copy


Social Media Solutions & Content


EPK Design

Music Reviews




Have you got a content writer that’s in

EPK Design & Press Release Website

Easy & Professional + Customised to Your Liking

At Dats Muzik, we know how hard it can be to get more exposure, pr and followers/ fans. Having an EPK (electronic press kit) is the right digital product for your specific needs... To stand out in this tough industry. This service will help you make the right decision and make you the success, you want to be, in the music industry. Dats Muzik will customise it for you. Our advice? One of our team members will be happy to help - contact us to find out more.

You wouldn't get a job without a CV, so why do you believe you'll get radio and TV interviews, magazine and blog features, brand partnerships + more without an EPK?


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