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Why Creating Your "On Brand" Experience, With Copywriting, is How You Become an Irreplaceable Brand

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

There are currently 333.4 billion businesses and enterprises online today, and 77% of them fail and disappear without a trace. Do you really want to be one of them this year? You will transform your business, yourself, and others once you have a solid understanding about copywriting and marketing psychology with me. The reasons behind embodying your true self, and why having a more confident and visible online presence is the key to success. Get one of our marketing bundles and/ or our new copywriting and marketing psychology ebook coming out soon.

So, I saw growth in my business when I turned it into my personality and characteristics + celebrated my heritage and culture. With "sweet spot" marketing to create my "on brand" experience, I needed these 3 important components first- web copy, email marketing and social media. The more I was consistent with being my true self and making sure people knew of my ethos, values and brand message online, then my "irrational" loyal community started to grow. When doing this, I got more press, interviews, collaborations, clients who resonated with me; and others started to notice my talent and see my worth, than just my social media following (even though it's important but we want people to see beyond that) and understanding copywriting and marketing psychology changed everything for me.

But I want you to know that the best investment is in yourself and your business. The quickest way to build a loyal community is by creating your "on brand" experience and being an irreplaceable brand, which is you. There's only 1 (state your name).

Why does copywriting, marketing and psychology all matter?

Copywriting uses psychological triggers for creating a persuasive and impactful marketing copy. Triggers include emotional hooks, spicy headlines and crisps statements. Did you know that including the word "because" increase action from 60% to 94%.

So, as an ethnic CEO, entrepreneur or business owner or you align with our ethos and values? Are you asking yourself...

What does copywriting look like and sound like?
How do I persuade someone to buy from me using the written word?
I have heard of an "on brand" experience. Am I doing it, right?
How does my brand design, aesthetics and layout affect the impact of my writing?
Marketing? Ok, I get it. But why am I not noticing any results? I burn out doing this and see nothing. More followers, website visitors and money in the bank, now!
Am I visible online? Do I talk to my audience, at all, on Insta Stories or YouTube for example? Do any of my social posts have my face on them (you get what I mean)? Can my audience put a face to the brand? Do they know who I am, where I come from etc? I don't think so. I'm not sure.
I'm facing some obstacles and need a magic wand. Am I still doing the same things last year and praying the outcome will be different now? I hate the rollercoaster I'm on and I desperately need help!
Do I really know what I'm selling or am I just writing about the features and believe I've written conversion and persuasive copy that will make people give me their cash now?
(If you're selling a service)... Do my written words convince and convert people into hot leads (they're ready to pay).
(If you're selling a product)... Do my words ignite my business and bring me passive income every week?
I feel stressed and tired. I work a lot and feel like I'm working paycheck to paycheck. That was not the plan. I started this business to have more financial freedom and less worry.
I've done everything right.. The copy, the marketing, my online presence. I'm visible, creating the reels and on TikTok but something's not right. Something's missing. I can feel it.

Well, that's what Dats Muzik Creative Copywriting is here for. We're here to get you from point A (where you are now) to point B (where you want to be or who you want to become). We're the missing link or the bridge, if you will. We're creative copywriters, luxury copywriters, premium copywriters, female copywriters, black female copywriters, London copywriters. We're digital marketers with a difference. We're about 'diversity, individuality, acceptance and inclusion'. Here to help you express your personality and characteristics + celebrate your heritage and culture throughout your copy and marketing.

So, what obstacles are you facing? Are you still doing the same things last year and praying that the outcome will become different now? I've been there and it's a waste of time. Other entrepreneurs and business moguls I admire, do some poignant things. 1, when they notice that their business isn't bringing in profit early on, they either change a few things within or realised they've failed and start again (usually they have a mentor or coach of some sort). With either decision, you're learning from your mistakes.

The next bit is easy. All you have to do is read the results you'll get when working with me...

Nobody's copy looks and sounds the same. You want it to look sleek and sound professional? That's quick to do. You want it to look sosphisticated and sound educational. Easy, but we have to understand the copy psychology for your audience before we write. How they behave, guides us on what words will convert them into your 'irrational" loyal community.
The way we persuade a person to buy your product or use your service depends on the industry (as a whole), the niche within, the outcome you want and your audience. You know your business and audience better than anyone but some research needs to be done and once that's done, it can be written quickly.
An 'on brand" experience includes your values and 1 underlying factor throughout all your 3 most important marketing components- web copy, email newsletters and social media. For example, Is it all about inclusivity or fun? The colour palette you use, how you become the face of your brand are vital and lots more. Now is the ideal time to get this elevated, which involves us knowing the key points that will trigger your audience to realise their pain points, know you're the solution and buy.
This is about how your words look on the page or screen and why it looks the way it does (there are commonalities but in the end every industry is different). You would like to be sure that your readers will be able to read it. We're here to layout your copy for maximum effect, guaranteed.
Being burnt out. Not getting results like Oprah Winfrey or Kylie Jenner? However small or large your business is, there's always solutions and formulas to streamline your marketing, which will deliver results. A win-win for both of us.
Your marketing- Know where your leads or customers are coming from, so you know where to concentrate your efforts. If they come from "word of mouth" and 5 hours on Instagram isn't doing its job, we need to rethink.
Your sales- What % of "hot" leads are converting who want to use your service? What % of visitors or followers convert into paying customers who buy your product? We need to qualify your leads before jumping on that sales call or a rewrite of your sales page is urgently needed to persuade your visitors to become customers. With some research and psychology, this can be sorted out in a few weeks.

So why leave all this up to chance- your copywriting and marketing? In the end it's all about embodying who you are to get your audience to relate to you online and pounds/ dollars in your account. We want to see many zeros at the end of a number for both of us.

What's included in my Marketing Bundles 1 & 2 and my pricing is here

Marketing Bundle 1

Marketing bundle 2

Bespoke Package

Web Copy, 5 pages (until project ends)

No 1 size fits all, so you can come and craft your exclusive package with us and we go from there

Email marketing, 6 per month

Email Marketing, 6 per month

Social media per month, 4 Insta + FB posts + daily InstaStories and 2-3 reels. 2 LinkedIn Posts + TikTok videos

Social Media per month, 4 Insta + FB posts + daily InstaStories and 2-3 reels. 2 LinkedIn Posts + TikTok videos

Have you heard of my new copywriting and marketing psychology ebook? Watch the TikTok video here to know more!

To answer your question of why does copywriting, marketing and psychology all matter?

Copywriting is all about selling. Marketing is all about awareness and psychology is all about understanding your audience's behaviours and how they think; the purpose behind why they do certain things e.g. why the layout and copy matters when they read and what it makes them do? How your audience perceives the value of your business and why it affects your pricing?

So email me when you're certain about everything and my ebook will be out soon!

Do join our email list to know 1st hand when the book launch date is... Home page.


P.S. More info about the marketing bundles

The Marketing Bundles are for you if...

You're hungry for more and want to go to the next level (whatever that looks like to you) and see a transformation in your business and yourself. You're already building a business (whether that's 2 years in or 10 for example). You know that when working with me, you can leave me to do the work and see results and you're ready to be supported by me.

The Marketing Bundles aren't for you if....

You're not willing to invest and think you'll just get by with free information, doing the same thing or winging it, trying to figure it out on your own and are flakey. You're not certain of the package you want or don't have an idea, aren't able to commit to a monthly payment and don't have all the assets needed.

Email me when you're certain about everything!


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