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Female Copywriter- Your Brand Voice Through Out Your Marketing Materials

In this blog post, we're going to break down brand voice and how it will increase revenue by 51% or more- what it is, what it is not, why it matters and... how it will help you embody your true authentic self throughout your marketing- web copy, email marketing and social media.

Well then, let's get to it stylish entrepreneurs, luxury CEOs and unrepresented business owners. There are 2 very important things you must get right and it has nothing to do with your business plan, how long you've been in business or your marketing. Yes- we're talking about branding and how it should look cohesive, sound cohesive with your TOV (tone-of-voice) and read cohesively with your writing style.

As a black female copywriter, I know that we all have some sort of branding. Whether it looks good, shows of your personality and conveys your brand message + attracts the clients you want, is another thing.

What is your brand voice? From how you approach sales and marketing to how you handle customer service, and even the type of content you post! Your Brand Voice is what helps your customers or clients get excited about investing in your product or service.

Your brand voice allows you to be unapologetically your true authentic self online and that is what Dats Muzik Creative Copywriting is all about. It's about embodying 100% of you online. It's about helping you express your personality and characteristic, celebrate your heritage and culture + bring your brand message to life via words blended with sale techniques.

As Deb Gabor says "When you get branding right, you create “irrational loyalty” – a condition where people are so bonded to your brand that they would feel like they were cheating on you, should they go with something else" and this is not a quote per say but he writes "the best brands in the world enjoy the phenomenon of irrational loyalty"

When you get your brand voice right, retain and attract fans of your brand then you will exist in a world where price doesn't matter. People will buy just because it's you. Do people need more make up? No but they'll purchase Fenty Beauty products because of Rihanna's brand voice and story. Do we need to purchase another business coach's services or courses? No but we buy because of Marie Forleo's journey into entrepreneurship, her brand story and voice.

So, what is brand voice? Brand voice is the distinct personality a brand takes on in its communications. For example, you're in a conference, party or gathering and 1 person starts to speak suddenly... They stand out because they’re great at storytelling in a distinctive, unique way. The flow of their words, the language they used and their personality all combined to make for a memorable experience. In fact, when you’re retelling that story, you immediately think of that person. We want that for you.

How? That person at the gathering, extrapolate that dinner guest into a brand voice. Who is your brand online? If your brand was a person, what personality traits would they take on and what would they actively avoid? What phrases and stylistic choices does your brand use on a consistent basis? What do people remember you by? Loew Hayley always says 'toodaloo' at the end of her Instagram Reels, Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing With The Stars) always ends with 'keep dancing' and their theme tune is instantly recognisable. Who else?.... By Rotation app writes 'rent, lend, sell your wardrobe' consistently throughout their marketing and focuses on that as the brand voice and story.

Once you've figured out and nailed your brand voice and story, then we can focus on your marketing materials- web copy, email marketing and social media- which my marketing bundles 1 and 2 offer.

With your consistent and cohesive brand voice and story, your web copy will attract people into buyers, your email newsletters will turn email signups into cash and your social media audience (followers) will become your profit-making machine.

Having a cohesive look and feel of your brand, a cohesive brand voice and brand story through out your marketing will instantly make people recognise and remember you and your business + build that 'like, know and trust' factor.

I'm here to help you with all this through my marketing bundles and give you more digital detox months, your freedom and time back, so you can be stress free and have more time with your family and friends, whilst money is rolling in your bank account everyday!

As a website copywriter, email marketer and social media manager for creatives to musicians and the music industry + stylish entrepreneurs, luxury CEOs and unrepresented businesses, London copywriter Francetta Evans-Anfom is here for you.


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