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The Benefits of Hiring a Hair & Beauty, Wellness, Diverse African Inspired, Black Female Copywriter

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Whether you're launching a new hair product or currently run a salon, if you have a wellness business or brand, if you have an established Architecture or Interior Design business, music and it's diverse, African inspired, black owned, or if you're the marketing manager of an established brand, chances are you’ll have come across a need for compelling words to shape the customer experience and need a black copywriter to help you with that.

Our London copywriting agency, Dats Muzik Creative Copywriting, can help with writing web copy and blog posts. Others include landing page content or any of your other content marketing needs.

But, here are just a few ways of hiring a Hair & Beauty, Health & Wellness, Architecture & Interior Designer, diverse, African Inspired and Black led copywriter can work wonders for you...

  1. Save yourself time

Marketing or running a business and brand can often involve wearing many hats and having a never ending to do list. By leaving your web copy and blog posts needs to an expert, you can instead focus on the other aspects of building your business. If you choose to work with Dats Muzik Creative Copywriting (our portfolio), you’re also welcome to repurpose any material across your collateral and social media channels – win win!

2. Bring your brand to life

A Hair & Beauty and Health & Wellness copywriter will be able to help your brand or collection stand out from the rest by using evocative language that focuses on the benefits for the consumer. Features are important, but the bulk of your copy should emphasise how your services and/ or product(s) will solve a pain point and speak to their wider dreams, wants and aspirations of your target market.

An Architecture & Interior Designer, Music and Diverse, African Inspired and Black Owned copywriter will be able to help your business persuade clients to pay for your services and customers to buy your products. Writing about the how, where and what of your business is important, but the bulk of the website copy and blog posts should shine a light on the why, the benefits, heritage and culture, which will make you stand out online. Just writing about your heritage and culture, alone, is a USP.

3. Get an extension of your team

If they have chosen to specialise in these industries and get a copywriter who knows them inside out, it’s likely they are going to be as passionate as you about all things related. This makes for great conversations, a genuine connection and a shared commitment to getting your business and brand the recognition and revenue It deserves.

So, how can this black owned copywriting agency, Dats Muzik Creative Copywriting help you?

Web copy? With my expertise, creativity and able to write in different styles, tones and to B2B and B2C audiences, we are able to grow your business and personal brand with ‘Website In a Box’ packages in addition to standalone web pages.

We can even help you start a blog from the beginning! But what if you already have a blog? I know how labor-intensive blogs can be (I’m an award finalist blogger myself), which is why I offer ‘Blogs That Convert’ blog management packages in addition to standalone blog posts. Do you need weekly 700 to 1500 word posts with stock photography or a quick company update once per month, our agency can work with you to find a solution. We're an expert in blogging. Call us the no.1 national blog writers.

We're unique. We're one of a few London black owned copywriting agencies that focuses on Architecture, Diverse, African Inspired and Black owned businesses and brands but we don't stop there. Have a look at our portfolio and see what other industries we've worked in.... Law, Technology, Apps and more.

If you’re nodding along right now thinking – I need one of those! Then get in touch with Dats Muzik Creative Copywriting today or book a 'Content Check-in Call' now and download our 'Website In a Box and Blog Strategy' eBook + look at our web copy and blog writing portfolio.

With all these formats of copy, you will receive SEO-optimized, market-researched copy and content by Francetta, CEO of Dats Muzik Creative Copywriting. I am a professionally trained writer and editor, with over 5+ years of experience managing a variety of websites, blogs and more across many industries.

I'm an award finalist blog writer, a professional web copywriter and write for medium sized to large corporations that are London based and abroad.


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