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Why Is It a Challenge To Find a Black Female Web Copywriter For Businesses That Are Diverse?

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Francetta Evans-Anfom is a Black British female web copywriter, who works with businesses that are diverse, underrepresented, and black led. Dats Muzik Creative Copywriting is here for you, whether you're an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a large corporation.

Ever wandered what it’s like to be an award finalist Amapiano ‘Best Music Blog’ 2021 and a Web Copywriter? A black female entrepreneur in London, UK? It’s not easy but it’s well worth it.

With my copywriting, I'm committed to helping people of all backgrounds shine and stand out online. To rekindle their business with the proper words and phrases, while also demonstrating their personality, character and boosting their confidence. To inspire them to believe in themselves, take on their CEO role, and put themselves at the top of people's minds, so they choose them or their company first.

But with all that, why is it such a challenge to find a black copywriter, let alone a black female copywriter in the UK? We’re all smart, talented and an expert in our field. We’re passionate about what we do and love writing, but for you to find us is a struggle. You then give up and hire the next best person or you do the copy yourself.

*Want to know how to create your own brand voice and embody your true self online, through out all your marketing materials? Read this blog post by your's truly*

Let's continue... Female copywriters outnumber male copywriters 2 to 1 (62% female and 38% male) and full-timers outnumber part-timers 2 to 1. 26% have 5-9 years of experience as 30% have 10-19 years of experience. But how many are white and how many are people of colour? Some of my clients have told me that there were only 3 black copywriters they could find on Google or knew of. Another form of finding us was on black businesses or black copywriter websites. I mean, that shouldn’t be the case.

There’s no specific percentage on how many are white and people of colour, but do know

that incorporating diversity into your project increases profitability by 35% for you. Any web copy, blog posts, other types of copywriting and content writing by Francetta, of Dats Muzik Creative Copywriting, will increase conversion for your business.

Also, when people work with people they align with, they feel empowered and so many questions are answered before any words have been said. That's representation. Working with clients that feel connected to me, but, also to work with clients that respect me, feel I understand them and their pain points within copywriting.

At Dats Muzik Creative Copywriting, it’s more about the friendship or “work” relationship with our clients. Did you know that 84% of today’s consumers believe a website makes your business and brand more credible, than companies without?

I am offering a FREE web copy and blog post guide eBook, when you schedule a Content Check-In call. This is an opportunity for us to connect, get to know each other and I will share my 3 top suggestions of what you should implement in your content today in order to increase conversions. Book in a call today or via


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