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Content Marketing is The New Copywriting in 2021... What Has Changed?

You’re probably no stranger to the phrase “content is king” — but does that still ring true in 2021? And is it vital that you choose a copywriter specialist in your industry? Well Dats Muzik Creative Copywriting says 40% is that the copywriter, in whatever form they write in, is knowlegable and a specialist in your industry. The other 30% is that they must be confident in distilling the "why" behind your business, to craft compelling copy that combines authenticity + ignites your business and sells your experiences with words to increase sales for you.

For one thing, copywriting and content writing does improve every element of your marketing, and it doesn't just include websites, articles and sales pages these days. As time has gone on, people are following where the money goes and in 2021 it's moved online. More people are earning money via YouTube, Shopify and Etsy, selling online courses and digital products, selling through their websites and earning with their podcasts. The world is your oyster! So the other 30% is choosing a copywriter and content writer that is known for blog writing, script writing, podcast descriptions or web copy etc. You want the best, so find the best as there are thousands of copywriters and content writers out there.

What else has changed? When anyone writes copy it has to be customer focused. People need to feel connected to what you write. It's has to be believable, substantial, relatable and easy for them to identify with. Back in the day words weren't as powerful as they are now. Words can influence your website visitors or social media scrollers to stop, stare at your piece of content and convert into a client or customer and new social media follower for your business, but to be relatable you have to write like your client and/ or customer talks. When you do, prospects will say "this product is for me" or "this service is for me". That's what we all want? YAY! Nowadays people want to feel important and are always asking "what's in it for me?"

It takes 5 seconds to hook people to your social media content, website and even your podcast. The #1 goal of your copy and content is to keep people reading and listening, if it's a podcast etc and because there are millions of websites, videos and us scrolling through Instagram etc, planning any copy or content is vital in 2021 to get the outcome and results you want. This is content marketing. Planning what you will write and/ or say, so the right audience gets awareness of you, buys, stays loyal and does the best old marketing of all "word of mouth" and gets you referrals.

So, what is content marketing? As Google says "content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online".

Know your targeted audience and market. Know what they're craving at the moment, within your field/ industry and write content related to that, write content that they want to read within what your offering (product or service) and voila you'll get more visitors than you can imagine.

One more thing, don't forget "attention" is the headline or title, "interest" is the first paragraph, "desire" is the other paragraphs and "call-to-action" is at the end.

Copywriting is still an important tool for businesses to prioritise on their websites and marketing materials. Without good writing, you can send out confusing messages that turn off potential customers. Consider implementing some of the different tips found in this article. By paying attention to the copy and messaging of your business, you can successfully attract the attention of new customers while retaining old ones.

Are you needing help with your copy or content? Still reading this but not sure where to start? Then come to Dats Muzik Creative Copywriting.


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