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A Netflix Analogy For Digital Marketing & Copywriting, Why?

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Picture this: an idea is like a tiny seed, but what's more? It's a full-blown garden of possibilities. It's not just a light bulb moment; it's a neon sign In the universe of Innovation. It's not just thinking outside the box; It's redesigning the whole box! It's not just an "aha!" It's an "AHA-mazing!

*People buy into stories*... Need help?

But what's even bigger than an Idea? A vision. It takes that initial spark of an idea and Instills it with purpose, direction, and a clear mental image of what could be.

In this article/ blog post, I'm going to tell you a short story about how 1 of my retainer clients has a successful business model similar to Ted Talks started 5 years ago and continuous, but now wants to expand and branch out to find a way to help her young audience get jobs In the Architecture & Construction Industry via this analogy.

This client has been in the Architecture Industry for over 35 years. She was the first black female to run for RIBA Presidency (now Muyiwa Oki is taking over in 2023). She's been a Deezen Judge, had podcast interviews, magazine features and done talks around the world at conferences and more. Since 2 years ago, Let's Build has partnered with London Build conference continuously and now is partnering with LHC framework to put on bigger and better events... Well done her!

Now, Annette Fisher is starting Let's Build Academy where she wants to help people from underrepresented background and LGBTQIA+ community find work in this Industry. It takes 7 years to complete this course and once you finish university, you pass your Part 3 and become a registered Architect; but when that's all done, it's hard for these young student and Gen Zs to find work because they don't always have the connections (know someone, who knows somebody in a firm that will give them a job instantly), which makes them find a new career or work in another industry after a while. They have to go through the whole growling process of sending CVs out then interviews and so much more then not getting the job offer, most times.

So a few days later, once she had her vision and it planned out (she thought), she came to me, a black female marketer, and wanted my advice (actually we talked for about 2 hours). She was going on about how can Let's Build Academy attract businesses, companies and firms too want to pay her (Let's Build Academy), so they can hire young students and the Gen Z generation from underrepresented backgrounds and LGBTQIA+ community find work easily.

After her talking for a bit, I listened well and realised her vision could be exactly like the Netflix model. Let's Build Academy is Netflix (the streaming service), the companies and business are the film production distribution companies like Universal Pictures and Paramount and the students are the films. But why do we subscribe to Netflix? Because every film and series is always tailored to the subscribers likes etc and brings out thousands of films and series weekly.

Once I said this, she looked at her vision with a whole new perspective and it made it easier for her to move forward with her copy and marketing.

So, the same goes with Let's Build Academy. The students are the films. She would need thousands of students to get these Architecture firms to want to pay a subscribtion and pay Let's Build Academy. How do we make these student desirable? They must know first hand how to use Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Revit software like the back of their hand. These are predominately the softwares architects use on a daily basis for floor plans, brochures and lots more.

After that, we discussed about a membership plan for the students, digital content marketing, social media, web copy strategically and how to intertwine her brand story to make more sales.

*Remember people don't buy products or services. They buy stories!* Send a message to get your marketing and copywriting started.

You could call this a consultation session at my black owned digital marketing agency? Well if you've got a vision but need my digital marketing guidance, then please contact me. This is just the Architecture industry but I've worked in many industries. For me, it's about understanding your vision and how you think + understanding your business before anything else. It's a collaborative journey and I'm the nanny as you're the parent for your business.

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