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3 Conversion Triggers That Helps Your Sales Copy in The Health, Beauty and Wellness Industries

Want to know how to write sales copy that creates trust, builds authority and converts, for your website? Then read on...

These 3 conversion triggers are what I always look for when reviewing copy to build trust, boost authority and ignite sales for you. Some of my clients ask me to rewrite their web copy or to review it. It's not always about starting from scratch for me, as sometimes they've written their copy themselves but need that boost, as something isn't right to them.

Critiquing and rewriting are an amazing service, especially as a starting point when you've already written your copy.

Here are the conversion triggers I look for when critiquing or changing when I rewrite...

1. Headline... It's the very first thing a potential client or customer sees on your Landing/ Home page of your website. You would think it's always at the top of the page (our unconscious bias) but sometimes it's on the side, on top of a photo... It can be in different places but it's the very first thing people read, as the web design and copy work hand in hand. They direct each other. It's the first conversion trigger I will review. There is usually a series of headlines.. A main headline, a pre-headline and sub headline, which are strategically written to hook your website visitors attention, introduce the core benefits or USP of your offer and CTAs (call to action) and entices people to read further. Your headline needs to speak directly to your target audience.

An example of rewriting a Landing/ Home page, with headlines, indoctrinations and the rest....

This one had promise. But the language is too vague. It doesn't feel REAL. We replaced all their vague words with specific ones. You can't "bullshit" specifics.

2. Indoctrination is what comes immediately after the headline. It is the lead into your sales part of your Landing/ Home page of your website. This section of your copy should evvoke an emotion and help the reader identify with you, your brand and your services or products. This is where your website visitors self-select and decide whether you're talking to them or not. That's what makes this the most important component of this first page of your website. When critiqued I make sure that your copy is telling your story and brings out an emotion. If not, I'll rewrite it so it does. When done well, this makes a massive impact on your conversion rate!

3. The next part is the offer. I look for a clear and concise USP, a value breakdown and all that information, whether you're selling products or offering services in these industries.

Here you are selling a product. Example of copy and content marketing below...

The features are there, we're talking to our B2C audience (business to customers) and telling you about the outcomes too.

1. You're make this inviting to look at.

2. You make your website visitors believe this is appetising.

3. You have a header, sub heading, bullet points, keywords and a short paragraph.

Other things you need to add to your sales copy, for your Landing/ Home page of your website are

  1. Social proof and authority

  2. Scarcity (make people believe you have limited appointment slots or limited amount of a specific product to sell)

  3. CTAs (Call to actions you should have at the top and should be the very last thing you add at the end of the page)

  4. Overall feel and flow (is the web copy consistent and coherent throughout? The emotion you want, does it come through when you read it out loud etc? Is the copy clear and easy to read?)

There you have it, 3 conversion triggers I use when critiquing and rewriting your sales copy for your web page, so we build trust, boost authority and ignite sales.

For more guidance and help then please email me or check out my copywriting services and let's get started to make more profit and ROI for your business.


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