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Is There Really Space For More Email Newsletters In 2021

If you’ve been drawn into visiting another creative business or company website, and the pop-up screen comes up basically saying “join our email list”, you’re excited but then have second thoughts because your emails are already flooding in with newsletters. Am I right? Then why join one more instead of another?

An email list is the equivalent of joining a community, whether online or offline. Here are some reasons why people join email lists “communities”...

  1. It’s an engaged and connected group of individuals in pursuit of mutual interests or a shared commonality.

  2. It’s where people seek a sense of purpose by working to achieve something important, on a grand scale, for themselves.

  3. It’s a shared passion for a specific hobby or activity, which also unites individuals.

  4. Communities are a form amongst those who share a common sense of self. For example, members of alumni groups share a past at the same college or university. This experience shaped their identity as alumni. They join alumni groups to connect with people who share this identity.

You didn’t realise you were doing one of those points, above via the written word online, did you? But are you getting them to open the email. To read your newsletters? The no.1 thing you have to focus on, besides the copy, is the headline. Does it hook them in to want to read more?

Secondly, what’s the best creative promotional idea to beat your subscriber goal, as a busines? Either introduce a refferal programme, giveaway or email course. As a potential subscriber, why join? Look at the benefits. What will you get out of it and how will it help you? Answer these questions and then sign up/ join. Simple!

Why start your own email list? I’ve built trust with Marie Forleo via her YouTube Channel ‘MarieTV’ and have signed up to her email list. Why and what are the benefits for me? She brings modern day business advice to creative entrepreneurs and business owners, who follow their passion, want to show the world their special gift and make money from it.

As Marie Forleo says “Growing and maintaining your own opt-in email list is the most important thing to do in modern day business. You don’t own social media and if it closed down or went, how would you reach your followers? People who sign-up/join care about your business. An email list is one of the most important assets beside you. In modern times your email list is the single most valuable asset you have.”

Should you sign-up/ join our email list?

With Dats Muzik email newsletters you’ll get helpful advice and information, if you’re an emerging artist, musician or DJ. EPK and modern marketing advice and tips for artists + copywriting advice and tips for creative entrepreneurs and businesses.

As a music & live music lover + festival enthusiast, you’ll get updates on the latest music reviews of emerging talents to DJs, live music/ festival reviews, music gigs/ festivals advice & tips, music recommendations etc on the blog.

Francetta has traveled, and goes back home regularly to Nigeria and Ghana, so is a web copy, blog post writer and music reviewer (blog) specialist. She understands many creative industries, music genres, festivals and cultures, which puts her at the top of her game and a leader in the writing “world”, should we say.

So sign-up, get 5-10 others to sign and you will get a free Dats Muzik Magazine (online) of your choice. Excited?


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