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Ztilo- Missing You

Emotions are flying all over the place with 'Missing You' by Ztilo. Another great track that's come about, as there are trillions of songs out there but, now, you really have to decide which is your favourite.

R&B of sultry vibes and soaring vocals over buzzing bass provide a contrasting backdrop for the intimate panning synths and breathy backing vocals from time to time during the chorus.

A Latin artist, you can hear Ztilo's raw passion, emotions and strength through every lyric, as you listen to this song. He draws inspiration from

other R&B artists, which shows this singer is here to stay. Keep you ears open and your eyes peeled, as we'll be seeing more of this guy.

Dropping some spicy, sweet and strong vocals, over the slow R&B beats and synth notes, is Ztilo showing off his feelings and a kind of confident restraint he displays on this track.

When he sings, you feel an urgency to the record, which sounds like frustration when he gets more in depth with his voice from time to time, which is great to hear in a R&B ballad.

Ztilo says “'Missing You’ can be interpreted as being about an ex-lover that is hard to move on from, or a casual encounter that went too far. Either way, conveying the emotion that was produced, written, and delivered in the song through this video was crucial.” He adds, “I was able to follow the lead of director James Bahman’s passion on set and Victoria Baldessara’s acting performance. Although I was in new and unfamiliar territory, I felt right at home as soon as the cameras started recording.”

Ztilo's social media is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Spotify.

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