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FlavourTrip... Good Vibes Only: House Music, Food, and Self-Love

Updated: Jul 6

Get ready for some fun as they DJ and cook their way through this exciting journey! Meet Flavour Trip, the dynamic duo you didn't know you needed! Amii and Jimmi are their names, and in August 2022, they packed their bags, waved goodbye to their cozy home, and embarked on a slow-living adventure. They’re all about savoring new flavours, making unforgettable memories, and living life to the fullest. They have over half a million (500K+) YouTube subscribers... WOW! and got spotted by Defected.

Hey Amii and Jimmi, how are you?

Jimmi: We're good. Taking everyday as it come!

Your creative process..You told me a bit about how you choose the music, the location and stuff, when we met IRL. So, yes, please tell me more.

Jimmi: Yeah, in general we love too... Well, we have one rule and that rule is that we both must love the music we play and we don't try to limit ourselves too much. So, we basically play what we would listen too when cooking...

Amii: And chilling

Jimmi: So, we have playlists that we would save songs that we like then we keep listening to them during the day, then we see which ones we end up playing in the set.

Amii: So, it's like collecting tunes and putting them in some kind of pool. It's like Jazz Morning pool, some Deep House pools. But, like location wise... We have a travel route and then we know each area and which we want to go too. For example, we might go too Spain and choose an area.. Valencia let's say. We stay not in the city but 30KM around it. Less people, more nature. When it's outdoors, we drive with the van and go location scouting. It's random driving around and seeing if theirs a spot we like.

Also, it's the AirBnBs

Each song just seems to blend effortlessly with the next song. I've listened to many mixes and you'll like the first song then the next just, it just seems; I don't know off track or the beats aren't the same. You guys just seem to have it spot on. What's your skills, talents? Please, explain how you do it?

Jimmi: Yes, thanks.

Amii: No, thank you

Jimmi: What a compliment. Because, for the listener they don't really hear the transitions. That means it's smooth enough that...

Amii: It doesn't disturb you. It doesn't get you out of the groove.

It's very important to use the smooth transitions so we keep the vibe. For us, it's like creating a moment, keeping the atmosphere together with our people. For us it's about less being DJs and more... You have certain kind of DJs where they want the spotlight on themselves and on their DJ skills. For us, it's like more... The most important thing is creating every moment with our audience. Creating this vibe of coming together and enjoying the small things in life and creating this kind of harmony music wise.

Jimmi: We don't see ourselves as technical DJs. Some DJs put a lot of focus on the technical transitions.

Basically I always do the same transitions technically but we focus more on the track selection because we think that if we have good tracks as you don't need a lot more accept the "beat matching".

"Beat matching" is knowing how to mix the beat layering perfectly on top of one another.

It's not easy if you have a song with a different tempo to another one. With those two songs, you would put thsoe drum beats on top of each other and it would sound horrible.

You have to prepare the songs; like adjust the speed of the next song to the one that is playing, so that the kick drum is going to be at the same speed. Then you can't hear the transitions as they're perfectly blending on top of each other. That's the first thing you should learn as a DJ and the most important.

(me in the orange top)

Just before the last question...

Defected wrote to them and said they could swing by their office, in London, and it went from there... They'll update us on how it went? I hope so.

You're getting more awareness everyday. How will you stay your true raw authentic selves?

Jimmi: If fame is coming; it can be quite toxic for us. We're "work buddies", so we have to know how to keep things seperate; our professional and private life. It helps us stay grounded. Because it's the two of us... Actually it can get quite lonely if you're by yourself. We don't have the right answer to that right now but I think that we're trying to keep each other grounded and be supportive to one another.

Well, for now that's it. I could go on forever but do check out their YouTube and Instagram page + their website... Lots of merchandise out now!


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