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Streatlife Festival at Alexandra Palace

Street food, street food, street food. Drinks, craft beer and music. A multi-cultural crowd full of people of all different ages. Sunny weather, I believe around 25°C and counting. Hanging out with some of your friends. What more could you ask for? And I bumped into an old school friend. A surprise it was.

Starting off, as I got there first, my friend suggested that I find somewhere to sit and my immediate response was 'I'm not moving lol. I've never been here before. Directions and me are enemies lol lol lol' via What's App. If you know me well enough you will know that this is one of my weak points, directions. So I stay put wherever I am and my friends come and find me. It makes life easier.

A few minutes later we found each other. Introducing her to my old school friend, we all got chatting for a bit then my friend and I went round to all the food stalls to get some food. Home made looking burgers and chips, a British classic fish and chips made to perfection, well it looked like it. Paella... I'm sure you can tell what I choose below. Jerk Chicken, Dim Sum and so much more. For drinks, you could decide between fresh juices, Craft Beer, cocktails and you can't be out during May Bank Holiday Weekend and not have Pimms? Right? Plus lots more to decide from... Ice creams, waffles, home made doughnuts. Choices, choices.

Now the music. As we were walking round the crowds of people, enjoying the beautiful hot weather, this DJ was doing his thing. Shaking up the vibe and playing some spanish music by J Balvin- Mi Gente, Louis Fonsi- Despacito and J.Lo- El Anillo and great 90s plus 00s music, which included TLC- No Scrubs, En Vouge + Salt 'N' Pepper- Whatta Man , Run DMC- It's Like That and lets not forget 80s songs D-Train... You're The One For Me. There was some rock music playing e.g. Metallica but that was another side of Alexandra Palace, as this venue is huge with big open garden/ park areas too.

A slim couple, I assume around their 70s were enjoying life so much. Dancing any how to the golden oldies and lots of people were joining in or taking videos etc. We just stood there and was clapping along. When you see that then 'age is just a number'.

This was a spontaneous decision to go with friends to Streatlife Festival at Alexandra Palace in London. I read TimeOut London magazine on Tuesday and here I was having a blast on Saturday. So I definitely recommend reading TimeOut and visiting their website. With all their ideas of things to do in London, you can never get bored.

In the end a street food and music festival can all seem the same but it's who you go with and the surroundings that make all the difference. Enjoy!

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