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Cross The Tracks 2023 Festival

The atmosphere was electric, the vibe was great, 80% of the artist lineup was brilliant and the food was on point (well what made it great was the queues went quickly, so none of us were waiting very long).

With my bestie, we were invited to Cross The Tracks festival 2023 on Bank Holiday Monday, 28th June.

Everyone was so welcoming and made us feel relaxed on a hot summers day (I've been to a lot of festivals and if you don't feel that you're treated well then you've lost us). Excited for next year? Tickets are on sale now.

As we were walking up to the VIP box office, My friend was so excited to see Domi & JD Beck, as we were hearing them play. So, once we got our tickets and wrist bands, she ran towards the front of the main stage and I followed. I'm actually pleased I did because they got me star strucked.

Attention to detail with their artistry, them both being very musical and in tune with the environment and getting the audience involved the best way they know how. With Jazz, there are no words, so you have to think outside of the box and they got me immersed in their world.

Curious about the VIP section, we went in and it was oozing happiness, joyfulness and laughter. I saw some friends from the music and media world and even made some new ones... Now hanging out with them after.

Now, It was the opposite lol. I had seen Ezra Collective and my friend hadn't. Late afternoon, we were ready and waiting. Most of the crowd was excited and the one's who weren't, they hadn't heard of this group before but once they performed everything changed. The crowd was so evolved with Ezra Collective; they were getting engaged with the audience and Ezra Collective got us feeling included in their Afrobeat, Afrojazz and British Jazz combined performance. It was energetic, musical and everyone was raving to their music. The drummer spoke to us here and there talking about life, thinking positively and enjoying the day, When I say 'London', you say 'Yeah'.

Have I got you wanting to go next year 2024? Tickets are on sale now- Cross The Tracks 2024

It's about 4.30pm now and we head over to get more food. I'm a pizza gal and she had chips but a long the way she made some new friends (4 new people) and we all hung out. We ate together then went to see Kelis and NxWorries (Anderson Paak) perform.

Kelis was electrifying. NxWorries (Anderson Paak) is a brilliant musician and his music takes you on a journey but not what you want to end your festival day.

Kelis... "My lipstick brings all the boys to the yard,

Dam right, it's better than yours

Dam right, it's better than yours,

I can teach you but I have to charge..."

What other songs can you remember by Kelis? There are too many. The singer turned chef got everyone up on their feet raving and singing a long. The beats were pumping, the lights were colourful. What more could you ask for.

Cross The Tracks 2024 tickets are on sale now. Grab yours whilst it's hot! Who will you be taking with you next year?


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