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Pieter Herweijer- Get The Freedom

Dutch producer and DJ, Pieter Herweijer from the Netherlands, drops 'Get The Freedom' track. An old-school style, Techno House and Progressive House track that will brighten up your day. This could become the next Dance anthem in the making. A feel-good track that's guaranteed to lift up your spirits.

"This is House music all night long" as we say. 'Get The Freedom' starts with an electronic intro then smooth light drum beats come in. After 40 seconds female vocals start and the high energy picks up. Keyboard chords playing over soulful dance beats, whilst electro notes come in and out throughout the tune.

Pieter Herweijer brings club goodness with happy energy, high energy, which is what we need in our lives whilst COVID, Brexit and Trump situations are happening.

So much uncertainty since year 2020, positivity will be our cure that will keep us going each day! Who agrees?

With over 5,400 Spotify monthly listeners, his inspiration comes from Daft Punk, Deadmau5, David Guetta and more. "Get the freedom I feel free" are the lyrics in this track and that is what we're all thinking now, isn't it? The right words on a song that gives you that festival vibe and nightclub feeling.

To get to know Pieter more and listen to his music, check out Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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