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Mellow & Sleazy + Top 5 Songs This May 2022

Updated: May 27, 2022

Here we are highlighting the newest songs that are taking Afrobeat lovers by storm this May. We are listening to new artists “the ones too watch” of 2022. So, let’s get too it....

For Isgubhu, the production duo Mellow & Sleazy start this blog post off with a bang.

Isgubhu brings their mix of Afrobeat, Amapiano, Afro-House and Electronic music to their second EP ‘Midnight In Sunnyside.’

The leading single ‘Chipi Ke Chipi’ brings a driving beat and makes them so memorable, as they are on the Apple Music African playlist cover.... Well done guys!

Mr Julz delivers his new song ‘Ya Bam Bam’ this month with a thumping mix of Afrobeat and Amapiano.

His critically acclaimed hit ‘Go Down’ gained over 600K streams and was featured on Ghana Hit FM.

Mr Julz will be performing at Powerfest in Birmingham in June, alongside emerging artists + major ones including Dr Sid.

British- Nigerian finance consultant and angel investor to start-ups, now turned musician, gives us the song of the summer... ‘Energy’.

An infectious song by Tony Jaiye, he’s the artist to take notice of in 2022 and wants to show everyone, that regardless of age it’s never too late to be great and follow your passion.

‘Energy’ is about self-liberation and self- belief, and this song is a beautiful revolution, as Tony Jaiye brings hints of Fela Kuti’s inspiration, character and vibes, with his modern Afro sound, here to emulate what a song about freedom and confidence would sound and feel like.

With influences from Fela Kuti and Wizkid, ‘Fokus’, is by the one and only LipsyBaby of Africa.

London based and coming from a humble background in Edo State, Nigeria, he brings his Afro vibes, smooth vocals, and swagger to the forefront when he performs and off stage, he already believes he’s the next big star to take over the world. Why not dream big, LipsyBaby of Africa is on his way there.

A new artist, keep your eyes peeled for great things to come.

K-Soul’s new song ‘Bro Code’ follows her recent release party at Coco Cure, London.

A cross-genre singer-songwriter, with a Jamaican and Ghanian background, K-Soul mixes Afrobeat with Contemporary Jazz, Neo Soul, Blues and R&B to craft her unique sound.

Nigerian singer-songwriter Nizzy, Zefanio and Senth come together to bring ‘Fall.’

The mid-tempo Afro-Soul track that brings sensual vibes just in time for cuffing season.

Nizzy has been championed by Red Bull Music, MTV Base and more. The single earned Zefiano a Golden Record earlier in his career.

Let me know your best tracks this month so far. Only a few days left of May lol.


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