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3 Ways To Avoid Recording Studio Burn Out

Oh, hello there. It's me Francetta... The self confessed princess of burn out and feeling underwhelmed some days, as a music blogger. But we're not here to talk about me, we're here to give all you (artists and DJs) advice on how to not get burned out when you're composing your music and discussing with your team at a recording studio.

Your team? A&R Manager, Music/ Record Producer, Record Engineer and Songwriter. Backing vocalists, instrumentalists... Who else can we think of? Ummm. Maybe you're just an emerging artist signed to an independent record label and don't have a big team like that; but that still doesn't cancel out burn out.

You're the artist, DJ or band that works non stop and you're in the studio for hours until you perfect that song or album being composed. It's your baby; I get it. You've be at this during lockdown or long before then or you want to change your sound a bit and be "cool with the kids", however old you are. Why not visit Select Recordings Studios, North London based, and see for yourself. They may just be the perfect studio for you too record at.

*FYI- Sponsored blog post with Select Recordings Studios* Let's continue.....

Have you watched The High Note film featuring Tracee Ellis Ross and Ice Cube? Oh I highly recommend it. It's about a superstar singer, who is always burned out, and her overworked personal assistant are presented with a choice that could alter the course of their respective careers.

The A&R Manager (Ice Cube) keeps pressuring the superstar singer (Tracee Ellis Ross) to remix her old tracks and give them a new lease of life. He keeps telling her she needs to perform all around America. Maybe later to do a world tour... The more ticket sales, the more royalties for them. Whilst he says all this, she's at the studio half-committed; feeling stressed, tired and wants to give up.

Realise this, as your team grows or you grow as an artist, brand and business... You are the one that leads everything. When you're calm, relaxed and have a plan; others will follow. It's the domino effect and I'm sure you've learnt the important lessons about letting go of certain aspects of your music career as an artist, DJ or band. Delegating certain roles you no longer have the hours in the day to tackle, letting go of certain aspects of your career you know you don't need to have a hand in and trusting others to achieve your goals in a positive manner all helps.

Whether it's just you and the record producer at the studio or you have a team, to get rid of burn out comes down to these 3 things....

My no1 skill or talent (haha) is being observant. I'm a blogger not an artist but I've seen want goes on inside record/ music studios. Why are you and so many others using burn out as a marker for success? Surely we need to stop this never ending circle before we impact our vocal cords, mental and physical health permanently, as artists, DJs or bands.

I don't know if it really is but I'm sure you (artists, DJs and Bands) often feel that your burn out issue stems from the fact that you pride yourself on working hard. Working hard, saying yes, impressing people, going above and beyond, standing out from the crowd or standing out in your genre - but although all these things are a point of pride, they shouldn't ever really come at the cost of burn out; and deep down you know that, but stopping it from happening is the hardest step.

How do you stop having record studio burn out?

  1. Choose a music/ record studio that you feel comfortable in. You like the atmosphere, environment, people and you feel relaxed in. You know that your creative juices will be flowing and your time spent there will be productive and worth while. The best compositions come from being happy, calm and having your support network around you. Select Recordings Studios is North London based. Their clients include Liberty London Store, singer Caprice, singer DJ Dane Bowers and lots lots more. Their rates are reasonable and they offer recording, music production, voiceovers, online mixing & mastering + mixing & mastering services.

  2. Always have a plan and one thing you want to achieve out of your few hours at the studio. Is It to have your new song mixed and mastered, so you can release it in physical format and online? Is It to have the vocal parts finished and recorded for 3 songs, then have the beats and instruments done, for another booking session, with your Music/ Record Producer? When you're focused, productive and have a plan, you won't be burned out, stressed or rushing through it all before your booking session (time slot) is over. Everything will go smoothly (we hope haha)

  3. It's that first rush of excitement towards that new song or album that seemingly takes hold and you run head first into all of the great things you love about being in a studio. You're dying to start recording and get things moving forward, right? Sometimes countdown to yourself saying 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (Mel Robbins scientific approach to letting go of fear and doing it anyway) and breath in. Calm your excitement down a little and then start working and taking it one step at a time. You want to make sure you get the best use of your time and get the most out of what you pay for.

As a blogger, influencer and copywriter and you the artist... We should all be over being the person who celebrates too much work and never taking a break, as a marker for being successful. You define your success. It's not about mediocre production to have 9 albums out in a few years or rush to become no1 in the charts. Take your time and enjoy your moments at any recording studio. Have you checked out Select Recordings Studios website?


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