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Dats Muzik x TULU Presents- Why It's Important To Have Web Copy and Press Coverage

Updated: May 18, 2022

One of my most hip and happening partnerships is with TULU Presents (The Underground Link Up).

These two female bosses, Gee and Vince, have created a space for Independent artists to connect, create and collaborate with music industry professionals, creatives and brands all under one roof. TULU Presents has the online digital services and physical creative hub, so two parts to this cool and funky company.

How did the opportunity come about? I (Francetta, Director of Dats Muzik) wrote a music review for their artist, Blue Eyes, then a few months later they suggested another artist. Later they absolutely loved what I was doing and wanted to support more female led platforms. So we got talking and voila, here we are.

So, as an award finalist Afrobeat & Amapiano 'Best Music Blog' 2021, here comes Dats Muzik Creative Copywriting, where I write website copy, content, do proofreading and editing + more for creative diverse, unrepresented and black-led businesses. This blog post incorporates the two and we'll be discussing the importance of web copy and press coverage in the music industry.

The first thing is... Why have your own website and how is this the best path for press coverage?

It enables you to build a direct connection with your audience by growing your mailing list.

Too many artists still pin all of their hopes on social media, and invest a lot of time in growing their audiences there. But the sad reality is, that these audiences are still connected with a platform that YOU have no control over. So if that platform falls out of favour, or closes down, you've lost those hundreds, thousands, or in some cases, millions of followers, with no way of keeping in touch with them. Just recently Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were down for 5 hours and they lost millions from advertising.

This now proved why having an email list and your own space on the internet is vital. Your website is one of the main places that you can gather email addresses, so you can keep in touch with your audience by sending out regular newsletters, have your music their and gain press coverage.

You have to see yourself as a brand. You're not just an artist or DJ that produces or writes and sings the songs. For your audience to connect with you and become loyal fans, you have to tell your story and show your uniqueness to the world. Where can you do that and express yourself and your brand? Show us who you or your band truly are? On your own website!

With your own website, you have more control over how you present yourself, which will allow you to make the strongest first impression possible. You're not as restricted to the template Facebook wants us to use, for example – you can be as visual or as minimal and mysterious as you like. Plus, there are less distractions since people aren't being pulled away by various ads and notifications.

At Dats Muzik we believe that having an EPK (electronic press kit) is like a CV for the music industry.

It helps you gain more press coverage than without, but having a website just elevates you once more, as not many artists or DJs have their own site. You have to see yourself as a brand first then an artist.

What is the purpose of web copy and how much should you add?

Your website is the shop window to your world and products. Each page is where you’re walking and taking your visitors on a journey through your world, music and each section of your brand. Every word written is you talking to your potential audience and customers, who will download your songs, purchase a product (hoodie, vinyl etc) and go to your gigs or concerts.

As an emerging artist, musician, band or DJ, have you ever thought of words like this? Have you ever thought of copywriting and content writing like this? It makes you think, doesn't it? You have to decide how much you want to talk to your customers (audience)….

1 website page will make visitors seem blah, like “Is that all? That’s a bit dry”.

4 or more pages gets your visitors excited. Get’s them wondering what’s next to come like ‘Mary Poppins’

famous bag. You want to give them just enough. Leave the conversation at the sweet spot, where they’ll buy and come back for more.

With an EPK, usually it's 2 pages or less and is focused on a specific song or album. As with your web copy you can be more conversational and in depth with your audience, whilst getting radio hosts, journalists, podcast hosts and others fascinated with you. Impressed by your talent and they can connect with you personally via email.

Always have an EPK, as it's essential, but have the best web copy for your website will add an extra layer to your already impressive music. This is for all genres, even though I focus on Afrobeat, Amapiano and Reggaetton.


For more PR & Marketing advice and to know the best companies to work with, from my carefully curated network of PR & Marketing firms, that offer video marketing to sync licensing deals to recording your own podcast then head over to the Affiliate Marketing page.


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