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Luigui Bleand - Gomelo

Test your Spanish listening skills! Is Luigui rapping in Spanish? Well I don't know but do we care about lyrics anymore? Isn't it all about the beats, rhythms, melodies and whether you connect with the song, that determines if you like it or not. Now, here is Luigi Bleand with 'Gomelo' EP, an urban Latin track bringing you fierce rapping and confidence throughout.

This Dominican- Haitian singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer, born in Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic, gives us a taste of urban music whilst bringing it to the masses. He's Luis Alfredo Silverio, which is what he was born with and a multitasker in the music industry world; this is a great advantage to be in.

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Let's continue.... His offbeat mix of influences has made way for him to show off his talent, as he wrote this song whilst on a trip to Columbia, which represents the extravagant and fun lifestyle Columbians have. There culture, people and style inspired Luigui Bleand to compose 'Gomelo'.

Luigui Bleand could become Reggaetón and urban Latin's newest reigning hitmaker. Mainstream reggaetón success for something greater? Watch this space! If you want more, check him out on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and Spotify. His song is waiting below...

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