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Johnny Drama- Took It Personal (Album)

With his HipHop Urban sound, it unintentionally summarises the trajectory of his music style and what Johnny Drama is about. His new album, Took It Personal, creates an icy atmosphere and is full of trap beats and his mellow rapping.

The song 'Long Story Short' is an outliner that introduces us to his album, which captures our attention. It starts of with piano melodies and rhythms, then later, the trap beats come in and his rap skills are shown.

'T D' is another favourite. A track that instantly brings an emotive side to the heart-felt lyrics that Johnny Drama wrote. With soft trap beats and medium pace rapping and some parts just with piano rhythms, giving him his more emotional parts because there's no beats, makes it a more soulful song from time to time.

All his songs use melodies to capture his emotions through the various breaks of the tracks and his confidence shines through each song. This is an artist you should keep your eye on.

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