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Field Day Festival... ZHU, Fever Ray, AJ Tracey and More

Music is a great passion of mine and if you have been following me via The Red Calabash (other blog), social media, BlogLovin' and playlists, you would

have noticed that I love listening to music and reviewing it. Anyway....

Festival season is upon us and my friends and I went to Field Day Festival 2018, as you can tell. I had never been to it's new home, Brockwell Park and it was really nice. Another part of London I hadn't explored. When you think you've seen all of London there is still lots more lol.

My top four artists and bands that I saw was Mount Kimbie- electronic and rock duo. Fever Ray- electropop band. ZHU- electronic dance and AJ Tracey- hiphop rapper.

Would I go again? Well it was more a jazz and pop-rock festival with hints of hiphop, electro and afrobeat. I like jazz music but this was electronic jazz to the max. You know we have rock music then heavy metal? This was jazz with too much going on... Hard to explain but it was not my cup of tea. I didn't mind it but I wasn't jumping up and down.

A lot was ticked off my list, though...

1. Out with my close friends ✓

2. Overall, had a good experience ✓

3. Easy to get too by public transport ✓

4. Great weather (well at least it never rained lol) ✓

5. Would I go again? I'm undecided

Definitely check out Fever Ray live. Their performance was brilliant at Field Day Festival and everyone was connecting with them and singing a long. The songs were very good with great beats to them. The audience, you could tell, was wanting more and more. A great sign in my eyes.


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