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P-SQUARE Reunion Concert at The Royal Albert Hall September 2022

It's finally time to tell you how amazing P-SQUARE were at The Royal Albert Hall on 21st September.

Electrifying. Mind blowing and exciting. The surprise guests were great! I was a little shocked, about 6 years ago, when they went to go and pursue there own music and now they're back. Hurray for dixie!

The drummer started playing the beats and the intensity got more and more and the crowd were screaming with excitement when they ran onto the stage and started singing, waving their arms back and forth. Some of us did the azonto moves (knee bending and hip movements), bogo moves (extending the arms up in a circular motion and leaning back with it), the rest simply swayed their arms from side to side. Whatever your moves, you were grooving and singing a long. Some people just didn't care who was watching lol lol.

It felt like being back home. It felt like we were in Nigeria. The atmosphere was electric, the vibe was insane and this was all continously followed by roars of happiness from the audience, and rightly so.

After 2-3 songs, they started chatting with the audience, as you do, and then realised that their fans missed them so much, they bowed down on stage saying "sorry we left you all for so long" then they continued on with the show.

So many songs later and who dropped by... Actually his most famous song, Fall In Love, started playing and we immediately screamed as P-SQUARE introduced D'Banj, who immediately ran and started singing.

Him and P-SQUARE were at the very front of the stage and were moving their body to the beats... SEXY!

"My sweet potato

I wanna tell you my mind, wanna tell you my mind oh

I no understand oh........ (continuing)

Omo you don make me fall in love (you don make me)

Fall in love oh (you don make me)

Fall in love oh(you don make me)

Straight after came, Oliver Twist... "See I like Beyonce, but she dey with Jigga

I like Nicki, her yansh is bigger. We suppose marry, 'cause you don make me fall in love oh

(you don make me)......."

After that, we all wanted more. Aaahhh, the crowd was a bit upset but when they announced the UK tour next year and D'Banj was going to be performing too, we were elated with joy.

Near the end of the show, NSG came on and performed some of their well-know hits... MCM, OT Bop and Options. Another surprise and it was great to have a familiar group on stage and for them to get more exposure.

P-SQUARE last song was 'Chop My Money'. As an artist, it's great to know that you will always get the same reaction, to your biggest hit, every time you perform it and that's what it felt like for the twin brothers.

All they sang through out was their back catalogue of songs. No new music. Just them connecting with their audience and giving us the best concert and if this is what it was like at The Royal Albert Hall, what will the o2 Arena be like?


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