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Del- Lost In The Earth Side

Some new songs people are warming too... '718' and 'Coco' by Del from 'Lost In The Earth Side' EP (album). What struck me was Del rapping "your life is like a photo" in 'Coco' and sometimes that can be true. Anyway, here is Brooklyn born rapper who brings his hard hitting slow tempo HipHop tracks to the masses, with hints of R&B.

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'Coco' is a song that has great wordplay from this rapper and acoustic guitar strumming notes, which gives it another layer and a calming vibe to this song, meaning his inspiration comes from the likes of Drake, Linking Park, Usher, A$AP Rocky, Juice Wrld and Movado.

Del is the first signee to 2MILE Music in 2019 and as he said "He depicts the trials of his past among the underbelly of New York with a sullen yet harsh realism that can draw in listeners of any genres."

'Coco' is one of many songs that comes from 'Lost In The Earth Side' EP (album). "DEL weaves the misfortunes of dealing with an underground New York into somber melodies and effortless flows." as he says.

Let's move to '718' track... His creative process for composing any of his music, especially this track, comes from the beats which decides the outcome. The instruments used, tone it sets and time of day plays a big part to it all. It was recorded at Fast Life Studio in Manhattan, with DJ Direckt and girlfriend + co-workers at the time.

For him, this was a track he wanted his listeners to play at night while cruising on the highway.

All his music on this EP (album) are characterised by tight production work – slow tempo and slick HipHop beats, with acoustic sounds in some songs, and low rapping to give that calming vibe, as people listen to it all.

As always, his flow and compelling wordplay continues to have purpose. He delivers his own version of slow HipHop and R&B music.

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