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Dats Muzik x Electric Kiwi- The Route To Writing The Perfect Artist Bio For Spotify and Your Website

Your artist biography (also could be called "about us") is the most important aspect in elevating your brand, whether you use it for music streaming platforms (Spotify/ SoundCloud etc), social media (Instagram, Twitter etc), EPK (electronic press kit) and/ or your website. All that is needed is one biography, long enough that you can shorten it if need be, and you place it on all the sites that you're on.

This biography will elevate you brand (yourself or your band), let you tell your story and express your ethos throughout all platforms and websites. Every brand has a story to tell and that is what will connect your potential fans to become loyal fans.

It's the most important page on your music website and other platforms you are on. Let's face it - although you may be great at composing melodies and lyrics, it’s hard to write about yourself! This is not an easy thing to do, but it’s a really important way to make yourself or your band look professional, as well. Check out Electric kiwi that does custom website designs for musicians and the music industry.

For example, Little Mix tell their story so well and get their fans involved in anyway they can.... They started from X factor, have become the no.1 worldwide girl group, Jesy Nelson won a Bafta award for her TV programme- Odd One Out about trolling and online bullying as an artist. Leigh-Anne Pinnock recently had her programme a few weeks ago (May 2021) called Race, Pop and Power about racism in the music industry. They support LGBTQ, women in the creative industries and more. These different aspects bring many people together and they keep telling their story, in a variety of ways, every year online.

I'm sure your dream is to be as big as Burna Boy, Rema, Tiwa Savage, Asap Rocky and David Guetta but for now, start writing your biography as if you're a worldwide superstar and it will sound brilliant. If you're not confident enough then hire a copywriter, like me. From as little as £50 this will see your likes, streams and follower numbers rise.

Now, are you wondering what should be included? Let's get to it....

  1. Make your audience feel intrigued with an engaging introduction- Jot down the music genre(s) your in and whether you're a vocalist/ singer-songwriter/ rapper/ mixer etc. Next, your combined social media "follower" numbers, music platform follower numbers and monthly listener numbers (Spotify etc), YouTube subscriber number and most number views for 1 or 2 of your music videos. So it would start like this, for example.... With over 12K+ social media followers, 40K+ Spotify and SoundCloud followers combined and 100,000+ views for (Insert name of video) video by (insert genre & location of rapper/ vocalist etc) (artists/ band/ DJ name), he/she/they are here showing off their melodies to capture your attention.

  2. Include some background information, your ethos and what your music brings. Write down your musical history, your purpose or reason for why you started music/ songwriting etc (ethos) and how your music adds value to your audience. For example.... Bringing vibes ranging from outdoor garden parties to staycation journeys, (insert artists/ band/ DJ name) and with his/her/their Afrobeat sound, it unintentionally summarises the trajectory of his/her/their musical style. Music is a passion of his/her/their, as it started when he/she/they were 7 years old, dancing infront of the TV.

  3. Have a description of your music + add your career highlights and achievements.... What does your music sound like and how does it make your audience feel? Where have you recorded your music, who did you record it with, what venues have you performed at, were you in a recent music video by a major artist? These are some questions you should ask yourself. Jot them down. Here's an example.... My/ our recent song, (insert name of song or album) featured American guitarist Nile Rodgers and it was recorded at my studio at home, with the help from Ryan Tedder, accomplished songwriter and lead singer of One Republic. (Insert name of song or album) It reached no.3 in the Spanish charts and continues to be a success.

  4. End your artist biography with up to date information and a teaser to get people wanting more from you. Answer these questions- What's happening next in your career? What have you got waiting in the pipeline? For example... Now, (insert artist or band's name) is going to bring you his/her/ their 4th single, which will be a more joyous song and our music video will be filmed in Spain. So watch this space. In the coming years, you'll see us perform at The Brit Awards soon!

  5. Throughout your artist bio, sprinkle some quotes or citations from you, your band or from another artist/ songwriter etc. For example... As (insert your name/ person from your band) said "(insert name of song/ album) stands for inclusivity in a city that is built on diversity and dreams that find a way towards reality."

So if you're just seeking help for your artist biography then click here but want to work with both of us? Ross Barber of Electric Kiwi does the web design and I write the web copy and your artist bio, then click here. A win-win for all!


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