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Dareo Knott- Slow R&B Acoustic track 'On My Mind'

We're in our 2nd UK lockdown and on tender hooks to who will win the US Elections. Joe Biden? Donald Trump? At one point it was too close to call but back to Dareo Knott, Manchester based singer, with 'On My Mind'. A slow R&B and soul track that will bring peace and serenity to our lives, as this year 2020 has affected us all in many ways.

Dramatic storytelling and his poetic writing style, gets his creative juices flowing and brings some expressive songs to the forefront. Dareo Knotts influencers are Frank Ocean, Boys II Men, Kehlani, Shai and many more, who have helped him define his sound to make him stand out and be unique in this ever growing music industry.

With it's simple blend of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, R&B beats, keyboard and his layer of smooth vocals, brings 'On My Mind" as his newest single. It's the perfect song to see him perform live on YouTube or other music and performing platforms.

He's sitting on a high stool, ready to perform, in a big room with dim lights. His band (or instrumentalist,

if you want to call them) are behind him ready to perform. The electric guitarist starts of plucking the strings then he starts singing, with the R&B light drum beats coming in. As Dareo is in the flow of it all, you can see the expression on his face as he clicks along to the beats. Later in the song, this talented singer hmms and taps his hand on his leg, whilst glancing at his fellow band mates (instrumentalists) and backing singer.

With no audience, they all do brilliantly to bring that soulful vibe to the forefront via video. A professional performance it is during this global pandemic in 2020.

This is a genuine feel good song with a relaxed urban vibe and a distinctive soulful baseline and seductive keys to it, it's a song to listen to when you want to hear real vocals. Nothing busy or fast, just a simplistic and relaxing track that will calm you with whatever stress is going on around you.

You must check Dareo Knotts out on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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