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Carron- Living In The Light

London based urban rap and alternative R&B singer, Carron, brings you Living In The Light; her new EP. She's giving you some much needed hope and positivity with her songs and music video during the UK's 3rd lockdown.

A simple, funky and light-hearted song, that brings a smile to your face, is here to add some positivity to your life. That is what we're all seeking now more than ever.

As Carron says "Living In The Light takes on a nostalgic recollection of the first lockdown, highlighting the moments that brought joy and kept us going, reminding us that we can overcome challenging times and how we're all in this together."

Who agrees with that?

Lets not forget Nutty P. The rapper and producer from London. He's worked with Wretch32, Lowkey, Ghetts and more to name a few. This talented guy brings his own soulful flavour to the track and talks about heartfelt issues e.g. Black Lives Matter, that affected people of colour last year, even though we all had some European and American friends supporting us too.

When people work together and support each other, the world brings peace and can be a beautiful place to live in.

This is definitely a song to play consistently and play during 'work from home' hours or when you want to listen to an uplifting song.

Don't forget Carron's social media pages YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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