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Can You Believe It Guys – Your Girl is An Award Finalist Afrobeat 'Best Music Blog' 2021 Blogger!

This is my untold story, a little piece of me packaged in words via a blog post, written from the heart!

I'm Francetta Evans-Anfom, the lady behind Dats Muzik and Dats Muzik Creative Copywriting. Originating from Nigeria and Ghana and London based, I am using my heritage and surroundings to help me bring my uniqueness and ideas into my writing. Dats Muzik supports Afrobeat, Amapiano, HipHop, House/ Electro/ Dance, Funk, Reggaeton/ Latin music and related genres by emerging musicians to DJs, live music/ festivals and creative diverse led businesses for copywriting.

Music and live music/ festival reviews, we read them all year round. Writing a review is a universal way for me to show my interest, appreciation and gratitude for all the hard work artists and DJs put into composing their music. When a music review is written by me, there is a great expectation and buildup of what it will mean when they receive it. I get to understand their emotions through the feedback/ testimonials written, to feature on Dats Muzik's website, social media and Google Reviews.

“Hey, I just checked the review and it was awesome to read it. Thank you for your great review. I actually got a little emotional here and there too haha.”

“Thanks so much for sending this Fracetta! It's so great - as always.”

“It’s not a problem there's no need to apologize, we all miss the mark sometimes. This does not reflect on you as a writer in our eyes, you have done exceptional pieces time and time again so everything is fine on our end.”

With Dats Muzik music reviews on the blog, emerging talents, musicians and DJs + gigs/ events/ festival organisers and venues will get that luxury experience as they read through it. All expertly layered with descriptive words for added emotion and experiences, so people reading it will connect with the song and instantly stream or download it. The same goes for live music/ festival reviews, meaning they will immediately purchase a ticket or go to it next time it's on or when that artist is performing again.

With music reviews by Dats Muzik, I hope emerging artists, musicians, bands and DJs + live music/ festival organisers, feel that their review shows the world who they are authentically and brings out the best in each song or album. For readers, I hope each review feels like It's one-of-a-kind and evokes

an emotion, that makes them want to stream the song or purchase the ticket event instantly.

I have an eclectic ear for music. I listen to every beat, rhythm, melody, instrument, vocal and rap within each song or album. If it connects with me or evokes an emotion instantly and is professionally composed + I can see the artist is dedicated to their craft, then you'll be featured on the Dats Muzik blog.

Bringing the artists to DJs music to life must have compelling copy with proven marketing principles. Writing is an art form. Don't forget that! *Charges apply for music reviews*

With the reviews, comes modern music PR & Marketing advice. Dats Muzik is here to support all emerging artists, musicians, bands and DJs with their growth and exposure. Read more below....

1. Artists and DJs will gain immediate access to these PR & Marketing companies and website designer

2. Artists will get an instant route to market for online and offline exposure and promotions

3. They will benefit from her 10+ years of knowledge and experience as a music blogger, consultant, agent and copywriter.

4. They will get access to her network of music promoters, agents, radio stations and more…

5. Artists to DJs will have access to Dats Muzik advice on how to expand your brand (yourself) through EPKs, websites, social media, videos, influencers and more

Do check out my PR & Marketing blog posts, the 'Affiliate Marketing' page and/ or email for a music review and when you have any questions.

*Charges apply for music reviews*


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