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Bostock- Remembrall/ Midnight Sinner

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Summer 2021 could see the return of live gigs and outdoor music events, but what would be the first tracks you'd play? Lets recommend Bostock's Remembrall and Midnight Sinner.

With international radio support, from Australia's Kiss FM to UK's 1020, this

Progressive House, Deep House and Techno track is being brought to you by Southampton's artist, Bostock. A 2 track project that gives you that Electronic Techno music environment you would get at a festival or the Deep House vibe at a bar or nightclub.

Bringing in that iconic synth motif to lift the production and keep it rolling, Remembrall and Midnight Sinner are stepping up to tackle the masterpiece with a nu-disco dance feel to it.

A sophisticated House and Electronic Techno sound, fusing dance beats, into Midnight Sinner; this track brings back memories of being out with friends, having a drink, arms up in the air and grooving your body to the tempo of the song.

This is a time when we didn't need to be concerned or worried about how close we were next to our friends

or strangers. Will we ever get back to this? The rest of year 2021 will unveil the roadmap that.

Don't forget Bostock's social media pages- Instagram,Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube. Plus don't forget to follow me on Instagram. There's Twitter and Facebook too.


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