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Bobby J- Body of A Dancer

As he sings "She got the body of a dancer. She got the body of a dancer. She got the body of a dancer......." Bobby J hails from North West of England, formerly known as Blacker Than Gold, as an Afropop artist and rapper with hints of Reggaeton and an urban vibe to the song.

I'm sure you've guessed the name of the single and that it features Flash Baker, but did you know that Bobby J was part of the Royal Marines then got a career in Fitness. Whilst all this, music was the focus of his mind,, so later he followed his passion once again and got back into music, where 'Alive & Free' received great feedback from BBC Radio Stoke and next came 'Body of A Dancer'.

A crossover between many genres, this track has Afropop-Latin rhythms, some harmonies and his rapping that blends well with the beats of the song.

There are traces of dancehall and pop sounds too, which trigger the salsa and azonto movements, so pick your dance. Make this track whatever you want it to be.

If it gets you grooving with your partner... Hell yes! If it gets you swaying side to side.... Go right on. What we need now is music that brings sunshine into our lives, as this year 2020 has been hard on everyone and music is all around us to cheer us up. Don't you agree?

His music is something to listen to whenever you want some sunshine in your life or to feel like your on holiday!

You must check Bobby J out on his Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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