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'Foley Age' is Bloom's Taxonomy upcoming album, with song 'Imaginary Angels' and B-Side 'Head of Mithras', which brings some instrumental chill vibes, EDM and ambient waves into your life. This talented guy is London based A unique name... Interesting but it's good to be different, right?

Let's start with 'Imaginary Angels'... Well this track makes you feel like you are with your partner. H/She is in the driving seat and you're sitting next to him/her. Your hair is blowing in the wind and you are smelling the fresh air, as the car is being driven on the mountains. This is your first "real" road trip since year 2020 (Covid) and you are feeling alive, like life can start again. During all this, as we play the track, we hear synth beats throughout the song, and the layer of electronic dance notes and next the layer of keyboard piano melody intensifies, which gives you that "sit back, breathe easy, loosen up" feeling.

B-Side to that track is 'Head of Mithras'. This song takes you on a journey to outer space or you're dream is taking you to another world, whilst you listen to electronic soundscapes with chillout vibes and instrumental flavours in this track. There's violins, electric guitar and EDM drums playing, whilst synth beats are throughout and trumpet notes all over.

As Bloom's Taxonomy said about this EP. "Starting as a spacious and haunting electronic ambient track, it gradually gathers energy taking you on a euphoric space-age road trip. The B-Side 'Head of Mithras' is a frantic and occasionally claustrophobic high-trip-hop homage to everyone's favourite mischievous pre-christian deity."

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