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Be Your Fest Fashionable Self

We're definitely owed a summer of epic proportions so what better way of starting your festival planning and organisation by deciding what to wear? What fashion statement are you wanting to make at Camden Rock, Field Day, Outlook, Hospitality on the Beach and many more in London and around the world? Well here are some ideas. Weather it's an action-packed London one-dayer, UK countryside or festi-holiday in all continents, here's the lowdown. One more thing, "Fashion and music unites" is the famous quote and hashtag from Dats Muzik. Please do use the hashtag and support it. Anyway lets get back to it....

First you need to choose which music festival(s) your going too. Once that's decided then start thinking about the location and what it's like? Is it far to travel from your home? Is it abroad? What's the weather going to be like? What kind of event is it because what you would wear to Reading & Leeds Festival won't be the same at Lovebox, Kaleidoscope or Dekmantel to name some. Are you, your friends or family planning to be there for the whole duration or one day? So many questions. Such little time to decide lol but you want to be fashionable and comfortable simultaneously, I'm sure.

Lets start with cultural festivals. Now here you want to support their country, their continent, right? That's why you choose these music and/ or art festivals. There is something about them that excites you. Is it the vibrant colours, how people freely express themselves through their continents fashion and music or that your an explorer and want to know more in an adventurous way? Well African Summertime Music Festival and AfroPunk are a few events where African print, ankara and kente-Oke don't go out of style and are not in short demand. An African print pair of shorts, ankara cross-body bag or head tie? Male shorts in different colours and patterns. We are the number one continent for prints. You'll be standing out in no time. Most fashion pieces even accessories have an African stem to them so you decide.

Next Dance, Dubstep, techno and nightclub vibe kind of festivals. For Kappa FuturFestival or Dimensions Festival what do you wear? Uuumm. Let us think. A kimono, wedge trainers, glitter and gems plus sparkly big hoop earrings and rings? Not just one ring, I mean a few on each hand. That's the new style, yes? lol. For the men who like too party... A pair of sunglasses, a glittery/ shimmery cross-body bag, light up or glowy trainers or plimsoles? These are just ideas.

Floral and suede pieces are good for events like Coachella because they're fun and you won't get too hot in them. A dungarees, crop top and converse trainers or sandals? A graphic or digital print short sleve t-shirt or shirt for the boys? You can go as flowery as you want. As small or as big as you fancy but my number one piece of advise is always have some aspect of flowers in your outfit. Just a flower head gear or jacket can do the trick. Making you feel a part of something big that happens once a year. If this is not your thing then wear an unusual colour that relates to this theme. I mean a stand-out unusual colour e.g. salmon. Get out of your comfort zone people.

"Fashion and music unites", the famous quote and hashtag from Dats Muzik. That is one aspect of what I'm about. Anyway... Please do share this blog post and my website to all your friends and family. Thanks! x


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