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Athena Unplugged- Pefoma Presents Live Sessions For Women In The Music Industry

Updated: May 18, 2022

A simple line-up with extraordinary talent. Dats Muzik is here to write a piece for Pefoma, the new music app with a difference. It's where artists live. Their Athena Unplugged- Pefoma Presents Live Sessions For Women In The Music Industry; went down very well last Sunday 26th September 2021.

Who performed? These London based singers... Gisele, who featured in my Dats Muzik Magazine- August 2020- Volume 9, Sophie Castillo, Beth George, Khalysis, Diva Brown, Rebecca Garton, Alysha, Chloe Ann and Klay. Embrace Music collaborated with Pefoma to give us an exiting event to watch from the comfort of our homes.

Diva Brown delivered an effortlessly breathless performance of her songs, whilst busting out some rap with a bit of attitude and showing off her confidence within every performance. Each artist performed 2-3 songs and briefly chatted to Gracey Mae, No.1 female Afrobeat Host.

Khalysis, are two young ladies who love making music. Simple. They brought us a stripped down set, an intimate performance for all of us. From watching, I felt they had an aura that you could sense once Liv Crawford sang and Georgia Fletcher played the keyboard. Liv radiated compassion through her singing, as Georgia brought peace and showed of her love for performing. Both ladies blended perfectly together.

Pefoma is a new music app with a difference. It allows you to watch live streaming performances by talented emerging and up and coming artists. These artists and musicians will bring exclusive content for the app and you can support all artists by tipping them with Pefoma coins. Artist receive 100% of the tips.

Back to Beth George. She has a dynamic range and sings from her heart. You can feel the passion as she plays the keyboard. Every single note was on point and Beth puts her own unique interpretation and sound to each of her tracks. This young lady puts everything into her performances. She proved that on Pefoma's Athena Unplugged live stream event last Sunday.

The Afrosoul sound. The Afro vibe. The Afro energy. All of it, is what Gisele brings with her performance. Her calm, chilled out presence and smooth vocals shows off the best of her. Afrosoul is not a, let say sub genre of Afrobeat, that we hear too much of and Gisele brings it to the forefront with her individual style.

Rebecca Garton.... The melodies and rhythms to her lyrics, are fairly simple, but she puts her heart and soul into what she sings. Giving emphasis on certain words brings meaning to what she sings and her raw vocals shines a light on her talent.

It's great how Alysha embraces music. With her unique voice, that only she has, you know when her songs are playing. Many layers of electric and bass guitar playing throughout and soft drum beats, Alysha is here to show the nation that she's here to stay. Her small band of guitarists and a drummer elevate her style with mellow rhythms and beats. Do check her out!

Chloe Ann brings her stunning vocals to the Athena Unplugged Live Sessions event. Lots of emotion and power behind her music, she is just want you want to listen too from time to time. Well done her!

Kaey is new to the music scene and brings her urban style and soulful sound to the music space. Young at heart but looks like she means business, her hard hitting but light R&B beats shows us her softer side, within her character. Emotion behind every word, is what Kaey shows us, as she performs her tracks.

Sophie Castillo is another fiery individual in this line-up of talented female singers. She has her own rare vocals, that when she sings and you hear her songs, you know it's her. A woman who we will see lots more from her in the near future. Her musical influences stretch across the Atlantic and all the way back to her place of birth, London, to produce the alternative pop sound with a Latin twist she makes her own.

All these female artists are ones to keep your eyes peeled for. They're all great and unique in their own way. At least one or all you will connect with.

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