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Aeropryme - Bonafide

Riding high with 66K+ views for 'Bonafide' by Aeropryme, comes this melodic rhythms and hard hitting Emo Rap, HipHop and Alternative R&B song to the forefront, with Neo-Soul sounding vocals for the chorus.

World traveller and Nigerian-American rapper, Taiwo Fakunle aka Aeropryme, is here to get his name out their and become the leader in HipHop and bring his memorable track to the world, with pumping basslines and music video, just shows how invested he is in his music.

'Bonafide' is a track that makes a summer jam? Is it the sunniest chorus, the hottest beats and the most weeks in the charts? We hope in the charts soon! Do the lyrics have to be about emotional stuff or beaches and barbecues, or is it a question of the vibes? What if it’s a song on your summer playlist and no one else’s?

Well, it's one video that grabs your attention instantly and will get you feeling uplifted and energetic plus captures your interest. Don't you agree?

The summer HipHop beats are very dynamic in that it includes not too many things. Just his rapping, another vocals and the beats, which makes you appreciate the song whilst noticing a rapper who we'll see on the big screens soon.

As soon as Aeropryme's endlessly replayable song is done, you want to hear it bounce all over again and again.

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