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3 Ways To Expand Your Exposure As An Emerging Artist?

As an artist or DJ, I'm sure you know that your social media accounts connect to search engine websites, which connects to music streaming and audio platforms. What I mean is your Instagram and TikTok account connects to Google, YouTube and Pinterest, which connects to Spotify, SoundCloud, AudioMack + AudioMack Africa and Apple Music. Without all of them, you won't see the growth and expansion that your brand (yourself) and music needs e.g. the more YouTube views, increases your chances of more followers and ranking you higher on Google. The same visa-versa. This is modern marketing. This is modern PR but do artists, musicians and DJs really use Pinterest? lol.

There's no exact science to music marketing and promotion, because if there was you wouldn't be here reading this blog post and needing advice or help from a music digital marketing and social media management company or a music industry marketplace and promotions company.

*FYI - this blog post uses affiliate links. Whenever you click a link, please do mention that you heard of Promo Up Music or Musicgateway via Dats Muzik. I utilise a number of affiliate commission services to earn a percentage of commission on sales/ purcheses.*

Now, streaming, playlists, and social media have all made it possible for emerging artists to grow their audience, fan base and followers, with the use of analytics and data to prove the ROI (return on investment) on marketing campaigns.

So, look at it like this... The price you pay for any marketing campaign is based on the value and growth you get from the "right" music marketing company. How to choose one? Make sure you read testimonials of their past and current clients, that you see where their artists or DJs started from to the present and that you align with the music marketing company and can work well with them.

It doesn't matter if you have 100 monthly listeners and views or 100,00; the future of music is evolving rapidly and everyone has a chance to carve a piece of the pie in this revolution. So here are the 3 ways to expand your exposure....

  1. Video Marketing- This is another way of saying "video promotion". It says what it does on the tin lol. It's about getting your music videos to the masses, as YouTube views for your videos is, significantly, more important than subscribers. Why? It’s very exciting to see how your views increase. It’s also great when you see those likes coming in. That means someone not only saw your video, but they took the time to click that thumbs up to let you know they enjoyed it. Clicking the ‘subscribe’ button, also, means they’re invested in you and loyal to your brand. So you can't get likes without views. You, also, can't monetise without views, so it looks likes views are winning out. Check out Promo Up Music for video marketing.

  2. Sync licensing for TV, films and ads etc- This industry is representing more and more independent artists these days, and even some are getting millions of views and through that they get a worldwide tour, promotions and more. Have you heard the phrase "DIY Musicians"? More are wanting control over their music career and some of the best songs come from local and independent musicians. So why not work with a sync licensing agent that works directly with broadcasters, TV production companies, adverts and game publishers? Have a look at Musicgateway's website. This means your music could be on a Schwartzkopf or SkyTV advert, Netflix series original or film, for example. Private Eyes, American Soul and Honey: Rise Up and Dance have been some of the placements so far.

  3. Influencer Marketing- In recent years the online world has seen a huge surge in the use of this kind of marketing, but because of that, it has become an increasingly saturated market but there's always room for your brand (yourself) and music. Don't limit yourself and feel like no one will listen to your music and use your songs for a TikTok video, Instagram story and reel or for a vlogger/ YouTuber's video. Some artists have become viral and exploded in the music industry just because of this form of marketing. The thing with using influencers is that it has to be the right fit not only for you, but for the influencer too. Otherwise, it can feel forced and inauthentic. So click here to read more about this service.

Even if you don’t have a big budget, read the other related blog posts, to learn how you can still create a mind-blowing fan experience and explode in the music industry, with these 3 ways of marketing your music.

Don't be fearful as money can stop you doing something sometimes. First click any of the links in this blog posts, read and gather the information you need about each company then send an email or call. I'm sure you will be able to agree on a marketing campaign that works for you and within your budget.


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