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Dats Muzik x Promo Up Music- Adapting Music Streaming, Digital Platforms & Social Media For Artists

Updated: May 13, 2021

During these unprecedented times since 2020, the music industry has had to adapt and change to accommodate the "new normal" way of living and how society listens, purchases and engages with music. The way music PR & Marketing/ advertising companies, Like Promo Up Music, have had to think outside the box for artists to DJs and music bloggers who review live events, Dats Muzik... We have seen some brilliant results.

But with a global shortage of live performances and epic concerts means every serious artist you know has spent the past year going all-in on their marketing and digital experience.

As we all know, branding is key. Any content creators and bloggers, any influencers, any musicians and record labels, any streaming and digital platforms have needed to elevate their branding to reach a bigger audience, get more sales and become the leader in their genre(s) since last year. Don't you agree?

How to stand out in this busy music industry, as an emerging talent? You need a digital marketing strategy, you need to do social media advertising, work with some influencers and bloggers/ vloggers and be more creative, since we're all stuck at home lol but since 12th April, the government restrictions have been lifting one step at a time in the UK. This means live events, concerts and festivals are happening? Fingers crossed!

Well here at Dats Muzik, Francetta is the woman behind the award nominated, Vuelio Blog featured, 'Best Music Blog' for Infinity Blog Awards 2021, Afrobeat music blog, Dats Muzik. She writes reviews and supports Afrobeat, Amapiano, HipHop, Dance/ Electro/ House, Funk, Reggaeton/ Latin music and related genres for emerging talents, musicians to DJs and supports live music and festivals. She's an EPK design and copywriting specialist, with a bi-monthly Afrobeat magazine.

Music marketing and advertising company, Promo Up Music, are here for independent artists to DJs and record labels, to support all major music digital platforms where video marketing and online streaming are set to make the difference.

So here's the Dats Muzik x Promo Up Music partnership. Let's go...

As an emerging talent, musician or DJ are these some questions you've been asking yourself more, since the pandemic?

  1. How do we digitally reach new fans and continuously build our fan base?

  2. How do we create a unique brand that stands out in competitive streaming platforms and social media platforms?

  3. How do we monetise a fan base whilst staying authentic? How do we engage our current fans and get more?

The top 5 trends for promoting your music this year are being on Spotify playlists, having a blog/ YouTube page or podcast, being on these social media sites specifically- TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, using influencers and having social media ads. So, from a modern PR & Marketing perspective....

Let's start with Spotify "Editorial" playlists. Every emerging talent, musician and DJ wants to be on them, as these are the playlists Spotify owns. They have a system where you can submit to them yourselves, which many other streaming platforms don't have. So a win-win for you! You upload your tracks with your distributor, pre-release you go to Spotify "For Artists" then you fill in a form and that pitches your songs to editors on Spotify. You can capture Spotify's attention by using curator playlists, like Dats Muzik's Spotify playlist 'Songs of The Moment'.

These playlists are in more demand than ever and it's easier to get your song featured on them. There are thousands out there but you need to be specific on who you choose to approach, as you don't want to be on a Rock playlist if you are a Progressive House or R&B artist. The playlists with 20,000 or 50,000 or 500,000 streams are getting contacted all the time, but what you don't realise is that you don't always have to go for the big playlists. The small and medium ones are just as good ever better. It's about the algorithm and to trigger that you need to show Spotify what genre(s) you are in. How do you do that? You place yourself alongside other artists, bands and DJs who are similar to you, have a similar style of music, similar tempo and similar listeners etc. All those things, this music streaming platform, is looking for. Don't worry about the big ones per say, but choose small to medium playlists to feature on.

Music video promotion

Have you ever tried to release your own music video, to find, it only gets a couple of hundred views maybe a few thousand? Well you're not a lone. Too many artists pay a lot to get promotion but then no views. Sad, right? Imagine this... Your music video uploaded on YouTube and getting real results. Thousands to millions of views and you get fans DMing you on social media, which impacts your streams and downloads massively.

Sometime in 2019, I heard that people stream the most music on YouTube over other streaming platforms but this could of changed, as what was trending then is likely to be different now. Really?

Who remembers Kelli-Leigh? This London singer-songwriter's vocals was on James Hype's song 'More Than Friends' and 'Be Mine' by A-Minor + more and she has worked with Duke Dumont, Jax Jones and Low Steppa.

Kelli-Leigh got in touch with Promo Up Music, as she was needing help with her YouTube video promotion for Can't Dance. She had friendly and continuous communications and got to understand her campaign results, with this PR & Marketing/ advertising company. 258K+ video views.

Last but not least social media and influencer marketing.... People being on their mobile phones constantly and seamlessly having the opportunities to share your songs to thousands of Instagram followers through stories, via TikTok videos and Snapchat for example, means your music could get infront of hundreds of thousands or millions (if you're lucky).

Influencer marketing helps with that, as it is essentially inciating "word of mouth" online. You're collaborating with a person of influence, who will write about your track on a blog, talk about your track and then add it to a TikTok video or InstaStory for example. People who watched the video, will tell their friends about your track and voila... More downloads, streams, fans and followers but is that always the case?

You've been noticing that artists are using social media ads to promote their music, now a days, but do you really understand what social media marketing and advertising is? It's all about getting your online presence and social pages gain more awareness, so people know of you. To use these platforms to tell your story and engage your fans in many ways, in simple terms.

Right now, I can imagine you sitting at home or dreaming of being in a studio, with some people listening to your music or you're thinking about having more listeners for your songs. Well, when you get in contact with Promo Up Music and get them to be involved in the social media and influencer side of things, you could get TikTok and influencer outreach, content planning for creating videos and music challenges and them working on your social media posts and content to name some tasks.

With over 26K views for Cheflodeezy- Ass Up song, he got more video views, engagement, streams and following. For G.O.A.T Flow by Whiz Khalifah ft THEMXXNLIGHT, these two guys had marketing campaigns and social audio ads done for them and got better results than they hoped for and are still working with Promo Up Music after 5 months.

The thing is when it all comes together and you're seeing the results get better, it's ever so rewarding right?

Together we create a great partnership. Dats Muzik writes the music reviews (blog) and is an EPK (electronic press kit) and copywriting specialist, whilst Promo Up Music is your music digital marketing and social media management company to work with. "Bob's your uncle" as we say.... Both companies supporting you or your band to get more exposure and expand your reach to the world. Well there's no harm in thinking big. Never limit yourself.

So you want more exposure? To expand your reach to the masses and convert them into loyal fans? You've spent months trying to promote your music and brand but not seeing results? What if you could just do what you do best... Write the lyrics, sing or rap then compose and produce your songs and album + be in your music video etc... Let's work together. Whether it's Promo Up Music and/ or Dats Muzik, contact me and I'll guide you on the right path to get the results you want.


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