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Our #1 Secret To Getting Your Music Featured On TV Adverts, Series & Films...

You've already started marketing your music and your brand (yourself or the band) and, now, you're thinking of getting more press and promotion through Spotify/ Soundcloud, YouTube, Apple Music and Radio but what about TV adverts, series and films? Well a flexible campaign and sync license (synchronization license) is a must but without a doubt you need to have a HD/ professional EPK (electronic press kit) + copywriting first. So, having these three together is the best combination to getting your music featured on TV adverts, series and small to independent films to start with.

Here goes... Let's see how Andreya Triana got here. This British singer-songwriter In 2006, landed a spot at the Red Bull Music Academy in Australia. In 2009 she toured the U.S and Canada with the Bonobo live band, played the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury, and secured a three album deal with Ninja Tune....

Then her music got licensed and music supervisors got very interested in her. A year later her debut album came out. In 2015 she was nominated for a MOBO award and appeared on Later... with Jools Holland. So massive awareness about her.

In 2020 ‘Woman’ got chosen for the Schwartzkopf “Generation Colour” advert. The vibe of the brand, lyrics and production dynamics help tell the story this advert was telling. You know what it is?...

Here is the new version of Schwartzkopf “Generation Colour” advert, featuring a remixed version of 'Woman' by the same artist.

Then, why is building a flexible campaign, having a sync license and an EPK (electronic press kit) together the best combination, to get this result?

Musicgateway's aim is to target and promote your music and brand (yourself or the band) to the right audience. Helping your music and brand get attraction and gain more online credibility than offline, is vital to succeed in this industry, in todays world.

A campaign includes music blog placements/ features, playlist promotion, PR & marketing for a certain length of time and a structure that works around your requirements.

A sync license (synchronization license) is a music license, where you must first attain approval from the rights holders and agree a fee. Simply put, you have to get the music publisher's approval, record label's approval to use the sound recording and lots more. Research for more information.

An EPK is like a CV for the music industry. Without a CV you wouldn't get a job, so why do you think you will get more promotion, live music slots, collaborations and more without an EPK (electronic press kit)? Don't forget the copywriting for it too.

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