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Peter Spacey x Monster Music- Space Star

Updated: May 10, 2021

Let's imagine you put on your best freakum looks and hit the nightclub (when we used to be able too shhh), where you run into a small group of your friends, whilst hearing Peter Spacey's collaboration with Monster Music track 'Space Star‘ track. As you take a walk down the long hallway, neon lights are on and the first few Electronic notes are teasing you in, then some Future Bass beats come into the track. That is just the start.

When listening to this song, this guy's music maybe one-size fits all but it's also immaculately crafted and catchy rare combination of beats and sounds, smudging the divide between the new and the old, to the point where his music will grow on people and become a favourite to play throughout the day, in the evening or in the background.

You and your friends enter the club, officially, where you see the daancefloor, drinks bar and the DJ, Peter Spacey, performing on stage whilst connecting with the crowd.

Now the beats continue throughout this EDM, Dance and Future Bass track. 'Space Star'. At times the beats fade away and the electronic notes take to the stage, the keyboard melody and rhythms elevate this composition to another level and male rap vocals say a few quick words.

Some seconds later, the beats, rhythms and melodies get faster and faster, bringing you back to the same repeatable Electronic notes, rhythms and beats at the same speed, as before.

This was an original song for the advert/ commercial composed as a collaboration with Monster Music.... An award-winning boutique music agency that produces and composes original scores and 'Space Star' is the new track for the Mitsubishi advert/commercial, where it features Peter Spacey as a performer Electronic artist producer and DJ.... Well done him! He was chosen to lead this new campaign showcasing the new collection of Mitsubishi cars.

‘Space Star’ by Peter Spacey with Monster Music is a club banger for the quarantine ages; basically all of year 2020 and most of this year lol, where the only flirting that’s happening is with your BFFs. How did people flirt and get dates during lockdown? Most times it was at the nightclubs.

To find out more and to add his music to one of your chill out playlists then here's Peter Spacey's Instagram,Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Website links.


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