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Peter Spacey... Immaculately Crafted and Catchy Rare Combination of Beats

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Peter Spacey's music maybe one-size fits all but it's also immaculately crafted and catchy rare combination of beats and sounds, smudging the divide between the new and the old, to the point where his music will grow on people and become a favourite to play throughout the day, in the evening or in the background.

This beatmaker, DJ, producer and audio-visual artist, with his electronic notes, synthesizer and ambient sounds, is from Tel-Aviv and best known for his grooves and spicy beats.

Morning Haze, his new single, starts of making you feel like you're light as a feather up in the air with clouds all around you, as he plays his first few electronic keyboard notes and very soft but poignant beats. You're in your own dreamy world then another layer of long lasting keyboard notes comes in, funky beats covered with synthesizer rhythms and tunes throughout, making this song feel like serenity and tranquility.

Later, you keep this song on repeat, while more and more layers of instruments, beats and top, mid and bass notes blend together continuously.

Only a person, who's a master at their craft, can make it look so easy to mix it all up, in their outdoor live session video. As he said "special outdoor live session recorded in a dreamy secret garden during the hazy sunrise.

Made from my pure love to Electronic & organic music, nature, space, synthesizers, ambient and futuristic soundscapes"

The video above, is the first of an upcoming series of videos, Spacetagon Outdoor Sessions. More videos will be on his YouTube page and is a series of original Spacey music videos filmed in magical places.

To find out more and to add his music to one of your chill out playlists then here's Peter Spacey's Instagram,Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Website links.


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