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How To Write Great Web Copy As a Diverse and Cultural Business Owner

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Content is everywhere. People are consuming information from many sources these days e.g. websites, blogs and social media and your website copy, as a black, multicultural or non-british business owner and entreprenuer, is your customers first introduction to your brand.

When you write your web copy, your brand story matters. Your voice matters when you're diverse inside and out.

The words you use are the most powerful and the right words will get you dominating the niche or field you're in and persuade more followers plus website visitors to become paying clients or customers.

This is all about intensifying your brand story and getting more press coverage, which intern will get more people and society interested and taking notice of your business, whether small or independent.

As black or diverse led businesses, music business professionals, architects and interior designers, hair & beauty professionals, app owners, cashback companies and coaches, most times we aren’t noticed enough.

So, we are underrated and Dats Muzik is here to support and show off diverse people's business and brand story, via the written words.

Our visibility and story matters. To write the best web copy, you must distill your "why" throughout everything you write. Your brand story and ethos must be sprinkled throughout every page of your website. Do not forget your blog posts, social media, email newsletters and any press e.g. interviews, blog features, radio etc.

Your readers, whether current or new, need to instantly know what your business ethos and brand story is about. They need to instantly know your purpose and the results they will get when working with you or your team. You could be a black photographer that's here to display diverse images, an African, European or urban fashion designer or a black hair and beauty salon.... How many are there? Too many to count but too stand out and be remembered, your website copy must answer these questions... Who you are? What you do? Why you are special or unique? Why work with me/ us? Answering those questions will make you think and will remind you of your "why" whenever you write and whatever you write. Also, all your words must direct your readers to your call-to-action (CTA) and all the paragraphs need to flow and get your readers hooked, so they have to read the next one and the next. Like Eastenders, Line of Duty or Love Island... They keep you intrigued so you can't wait to watch the next episode/ show.

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