How To Write An Epic Biography For Your EPK (Electronic Press Kit)....

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

First and foremost, an EPK is a CV in this busy music industry. It's like a media kit for the blogging and vlogging world. The layout and way it will look, will be different for all genres especially Afrobeat, Amapiano, HipHop, Dance/ Electro/ House, Funk and Reggaeton/ Latin music. Also, the biography is another very important aspect, so let us read on!...

When I was growing up in the 90s there was only about, lets say 10 music genres. Now it seems like there are endless amounts and people are getting even more specific at which ones they like plus which artists, musicians, bands or DJs they prefer. Also, don't get me started on gigs and festivals lol. How many are there now? Too many to count.

How does this tie in with your biography for an EPK (Electronic Press Kit), you ask? Well you need to think of the context of the press and media you want to get plus the kind of venues you want to perform at. How your biography reads to a music agent, music venue owner, magazine editor and blogger etc matters. Do they relate to you in some way. The genre you or your band are in, does it relate to the press and venues etc.

You write one CV and email it out to many job sites, recruitment companies and companies personally, within your industry or skill set e.g. admin, receptionist, social media, engineer, music business, fashion or finance for example. You pray to God that you get some job interviews. Weeks pass by and then you start to wonder "why haven't I been getting any responses or interviews?". Usually it's because your 'career summary' and 'achievements' are not in alignment with the kind of jobs you are wanting and are not on the first page. That is the same with a biography for an EPK.

So what I am saying here is you must think of a music EPK like a CV. With a CV the results you want are countless job interviews that land you that perfect job with a monthly salary. With an EPK the results you want are more press, media, interviews and gig to festival slots so you get more exposure online and offline, to advance in your career and become as big as Bring Me The Horizon, Fuse ODG, Calvin Harris or to perform DJ sets at major retail stores e.g. Selfridges, TopShop and Nike plus lots more. At least to know you are on the right path to getting more exposure.

An EPK is very visual as when people read it, they need to go 'OMG' in a great way. They need to get a glimpse of what it could be like if you were to perform, how your personality would come off in an interview etc.

To have a press kit or EPK designed, created for you with content, please click here. Basic, standard and premium packages are available but do read on...

1. Start with a professional photo. One that shows of your personality e.g. you performing or laughing. Another example is a single/ album cover photo, but it must show your face or each band member. We live in a visual world and people love to relate a face to a name or faces to names.

2. You or your band are a brand. The main objective is to get more exposure online, offline and with live performances. You need to tell the 'why' behind your story and share it- how you started in this industry, the back story (behind the scenes lol) of how you started or how the band got together, the experiences you get when you perform and how the crowd reacts. Briefly the exposure you've already gotten and your latest performances or what is happening next in your music career.

For example, include answers to these questions:

Who inspired you to start performing and have a love for music?

Why did you choose this genre or style of music?

What are your songs about? If you're a DJ, why do you mix specific genres together or decades e.g. 90s dance

3. Finally, after music agents and the press have read your biography, they should want to call or email you to arrange gig slots and/ or interviews etc. What you don't want is for them to read it, love it and then forget about you or your band. You want to be memorable.

Make sure that you are giving them the opportunity to feel that they are a part of your tribe when they read your biography. You want them hooked. To have a press kit or EPK designed, created for you with content, please click here. Basic, standard and premium packages are available.

Conclusion... I hope you found this post helpful and feel free to share this post to anyone who would find this useful.


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