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Dats Muzik x Music Box Live- How We've Had To Adapt Live Music?

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

The Covid19 pandemic has made launching a music career and performing live trickier than ever but there's still hope, as now we have a year 2021 "lockdown" roadmap to get us to the finish line, meaning lockdown will gradually be lifting one step at a time.

So, when will outdoor gigs and festivals happen, then indoor ones? When will musicians to DJs be able to perform at live shows, their concerts or be able to tour again? How have emerging talents to well known artists been promoting themselves and their brand? How has the live music and music industry been adapting during 2020 and now? So many questions but even though it can seem confusing and sound vague, let's not give up hope!

Well here at Dats Muzik, Francetta is the woman behind the award nominated, Vuelio Blog featured, 'Best Music Blog' for Infinity Blog Awards 2021, Afrobeat music blog, Dats Muzik Blog. She writes reviews and supports Afrobeat, Amapiano, HipHop, Dance/ Electro/ House, Funk, Reggaeton/ Latin music and related genres for emerging talents, musicians to DJs and supports live music and festivals. She's an EPK design and copywriting specialist, with a bi-monthly Afrobeat magazine.

At Music Box Live, they do events and entertainment consultations, entertainment- live performances and themed events, food and drink plus promotion and PR- website development and brand building to choreography and agency support.

So here's the Dats Muzik x Music Box Live collaboration. Let's go....

We're all so proud of everyone who has been patient in this non live music and festival times. Should we say "partyless' times? As last year has been a challenging one for the world and the arts, music and entertainment industries, as well.

Between us and the musicians to DJs, we've been making the best of it and had to think outside the box during 2020. Our patient is wearing thin, now. We're all longing to be in a crowd and connect with our favourite musicians, whilst they're on stage performing, whether that's outdoors, in a venue or at a concert.

So rule of 6 from 29th March. The earliest we should expect outdoor gigs is 12th April, indoor performances, with half the capacity, from 17th May. All events should resume, with no limits, from 21st June 2021. YES! Fingers crossed.

Even though festivals and concerts have been cancelled or rescheduled,

what have many live music companies and music pr companies like Music Box Live plus TV shows, venues and the musicians themselves been doing? Virtual collaborations, livestreams, video performances, live IGTV and Facebook videos. Some have been in their back garden but most indoors. Most of us have been buying more vinyls and albums, watching tour films, documentaries and interviews of our favourite artists.

Well, Music Box Live have kept the live music scene alive. They've adapted, like many others, and kept the vibe going. What have they been up to during 2020?

- Most people have heard of Salvation Army, right? Music Box Live worked with them and Homeless Worldwide, to make a change last Christmas, via music. To help those affected by homelesses and poverty.

- Next, an exclusive interview with Alexander O'Neal for his new song 'What a Wonderful World' but my favourite song of his is 'Saturday Love'.

- They worked on many charity projects, during year 2020.

Stay Live Connect... They partnered with 4 global companies for a 10 hour DJ live stream.

- Live Music Jam & DJ Sessions + a collaboration with Hammersmith and Fulham council... 'Our God Our Help' was their song with many singers.

That is just some of the things this live arts and entertainment company did last year. Like everyone else we all had to adapt and change. So my blog has been on pause, from time to time, with no events last year too review but both of us will be back up and running again soon.

Where full capacity equals more ticket sales and profits for the musicians, companies, venues and festivals, will social distancing events work? To move forward, I believe we'll be having hybrid events. Besides the musicians etc, this is where some people are at the event, where others are on Zoom/ FaceTime. Chat shows like The Graham Norton Show are a great example of this.

For organised outdoor gigs, where people from other households can meet, will Music Box Live have outdoor events from the 12th April or other events later in the year? As I keep saying 🤞.

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