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9 Different EPK Styles and How To Create Them?

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

One minute you're realising that something like an electronic press kit (EPK)/ press kit design is important but then you're thinking do I really need one? Does my band need one? There are 3 different designs and 9 styles for an EPK. The designs are about the layout, as the styles are about the music genres.

Do you need one? I will say this again and again until it sinks in.... An EPK is like a media kit for a blogger and vlogger and is like a CV for getting a job. Without it you won't get much press coverage, interviews and gig slots etc; so yes you must have one.

Here are 3 different electronic press kit/ press kit designs and 9 different styles that you should consider.

The designs:

  1. Basic - A4 (2 pages)

  2. Standard - A4 Brochure (3-4 pages)

  3. Premium - A4 (5-7 pages)

The styles:

  1. Afrobeat EPK

  2. Amapiano EPK

  3. HipHop EPK

  4. Dance music EPK

  5. Electro/ EDM EPK

  6. House music EPK

  7. Funk music EPK

  8. Reggaeton EPK

  9. Latin music EPK

Other genres are considered but the main ones we design for are above.

The questions you must ask yourself are do you want an electronic press kit and PDF version or do you want it as your website? What genre is your music? As the layout, design, colour scheme and copy will focus on the genre and what your brand is too.

Here are some designs that have been done by Dats Muzik.....

Kayssy DJ is a "Standard Design EPK" (3-4 pages).

F.A is an Afrobeat singer-songwriter and his EPK is a "Standard Design" (3-4 pages).

Mathew Martin is an Acoustic Jazz artist and his EPK was a "Basic Design" (2 pages).

How To Create The Electronic Press Kit?

Whatever design you choose, the front cover or first page must be the page that grabs peoples, brands, music and live music industry professionals attention.

So, always have a HD photo of yourself, preferable from shoulders up or the whole body.

The next pages depends on what design you've chosen. If it's the "Basic" one look at Matthew Martin's above. If it's the "Standard" one then check out Kayssy and F.A's one but for these, on average on the 3rd page you would have their music, a few HD live performance and EP photos, contact and management details. As with the back/ last page, it should be your social media links and you tell them what your available for or seeking e.g. available for live performances and seeking brand deals.

So are you wanting a personalised EPK designed by Dats Muzik? Click the link or you want to design one yourself via Bandzoogle, Sonicbids, Squarespace, Wix, Tunecore or others? Having a person who knows these music genres and will personally work with you, to give you the best is a better options, don't you think?

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