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5 Things I'm Looking Forward To In 2021

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Last week for the very first time, in over a year, I WhatsApp/ texted my specific "music and festival" friends saying 'Hey are you planning on going to festivals this year? I'm thinking small to medium gigs this year, if they happen, then festivals next year.'

Most of their responses were similar but here goes 'Hey! I was just going to message you asking the same thing lol. So I'd love to go to a London day festival, if they're happening. I've signed up for updates to many festivals and live events and then just looked up Field Day and it's already sold out 😮. I can't believe that happened without me noticing! So yeah I guess I'll wait to hear about Lovebox. I'll ask other friends too. But yeah gigs sound good! Also, if festivals don't happen, I'd be keen to go to any kind of outdoorsy gigs that are like a festival haha. I've missed them so much! Xx'

Here are 5 things I'm looking forward too this year. Here goes....

1. All hanging out with friends... A summer evening garden party, at a rooftop bar and venues/ places like Shoreditch BoxPark (street food, bars, events) and cultural food and clothes markets.

2. Going to live music events, gigs, concerts and festivals.

Be yourself and find your tribe. From 2018, I joined a Meet-Up group that enjoyed the same music genres like me. Not many of my friends shared the same interest in music and go to gigs, festivals or concerts. Just finding the right people, that I love spending time with, was a blessing. We all come from different parts of the world- India, China, America, Spain and others. Let's pray I see them this year 2021.

3. Going to Church with friends. Being in an actual building and at a service, sitting next to "physical" people.

4. A non Zoom video call, whether for work or talking to friends and family.

This feels such a role reversal for me because I actually love WhatsApp videos/

Face-Timing friends and catching up so much even pre Covid but when it comes to work there's something about an in face get together that really inspires me. From attending live music gigs to festivals, to simply catching up with family abroad,

I always leave feeling so very inspired and I've missed that a whole lot.

5. Seeing my friends get married or going to their engagement parties etc...

I'm a young woman and I'm at that age where most of my friends are engaged or getting married. One of the first things that brought home just how different things were going to be was the postponement of a besties wedding or even if some were aquaitances; just seeing their wedding photos on social media, made me go 'aaaahhhh'. That feeling of dressing up and supporting your friend on their special day.

What are you top things you're looking forward to this year 2021?

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