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5 Reasons Why Web Designers and Web Copywriters Should Work Together?

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

No one ever said website content creation was easy. Behind every successful website, there is a considerable amount of hard work and effort from you and your team. What do you mean "team"? The website designer, copywriter and yourself. Whether you write the copy yourself or you hire a professional copywriter, that is still a major part of it all.

Well, you can't have a website with no words. You'd agree with that, right? A highly paid web copywriter will write irresistible copy, cutting edge copy and write in your 'tone of voice'. They will distill the "why" behind your business, through the copy and content.

*FYI*... "Creativity is still a large part of what makes copy great. Crafting compelling copy that combines authenticity with proven marketing principles is vital; but did you know that customer analysis, market research, strategy, positioning and understanding the client's tone of voice are the first things copywriters do before they've written a single word? SEO for the specific industry, Google analytics and understanding the client's target audience are other things we do first before writing anything even a single word"

Dats Muzik does web copy and blog writing for these industries....

  • Music Business

  • Architecture and Interior Design

  • Hair & Beauty

  • Coaching

  • Apps

  • Cashback

  • Diverse and black led businesses

So, here are the five reasons. Let's get to it....

  1. Substantive communication- One of the most critical tools in any workplace or working relationship is communication. The better the communication between professionals is, the better the output results will be. A web designer knows better how to structure the layout, and a writer knows what to write and how to present old ideas in a new and unique style. Neither of them can replace each other because they have a talent and skill and when two or more people, who are brilliant at what they do, the client gets the best results. It's that simple.

  2. When web copywriters and website designers work together, the client (user) always wins everytime- I believe the main objective is to keep your clients (users) engaged for as long as possible and guide them through every step until they take action. Now, the best way to make this happen is to put the writer and the web designer working together e.g. On the FA-GLOBAL website copy I did, I worked with the web designer. The copy was in the clients "tone of voice" and related to the graphics and layout of the website. It felt coherent as you went through the website.

  3. Website copy that sells. Website copy and web design that dominates your niche and people fall in love with- Giving your website visitors an experience, as they go through the website and read the words, is what it's all about. When they have an experience with the photos and/ or graphics and can identify or understand your brand story and ethos ("why"), then they will do your CTA (call-to-action) and, most likely, purchase your product or hire you for your services. The web copy is all about your target audience, your customers and clients. The web designer will understand what the client wants to feel, as they visit their site. Next....

  4. Website copy and design is all about attracting your target audience/ target market- First you need a powerful and intriguing strap line and photo on your home page. It is the first thing people see and read before they do anything else. With both elements, they need to instantly feel connected with the brand or business, get the experience and know that this product/ service is for them, before they read anymore. On the FA-GLOBAL website it says 'Transforming lives through architecture' and on the Treatwell site it says 'The brighter way to book beauty'. The copywriter will be great with words, as the designer will be great with choosing the perfect photo, that gives that 'OMG' feeling for your visitors. The strap line will be coherent with the photo/ graphic. Two minds working together is better than one.

  5. Working as a team could save you extra expenses- A writer working alone can only create content and not publish it concerning modern designs or care about the optimisation factors either. Usually, a copywriter will pay a web designer to optimise his/her content for the client's website. In the same way, a website designer has to pay a copywriter/ content writer to create content for the client's website. Suppose both of these parties are working together. In that case, they can save hundreds and maybe thousands of pounds from producing a fantastic output that will benefit both of them and the client.

Got any questions? Leave your comments below. The right words pay and are persuasive... Get exclusive copy by Francetta. I'll work with you and your business to get the experience you want and the results you want from every website visitor, with the right copy that distills your "why" throughout. Work with me!

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