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TOM TOM PARK- Revelation

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Is Funk music your thing? Is Disco and Synth Pop your thing? Then you've come to the right place. Here is 'Revelation' by TOM TOM PARK ft Will Burton, with Netherlands base producer Steef releasing music under the alias Tom Tom Park. This singer, Will Burton, injects his vocals to the song and Steef brings his unique sound to the track, giving every song a distinct identity.

The unique bass and synth sound leads this first track and sets the record up to be something exciting. With electronic synthesizer keyboard notes being played during the intro and chorus, this elevates it all.

The melody is repetitive but what is important with this artist is that his music is led by rhythm, with the sole purpose of getting people to be more happy during year 2021. You can forget 2020, in a way lol lol.

A blend of Disco, Funk, Synth Pop and Dance makes his style of music unique, as now a days you need to stand out and shine a light on yourself, as an artist in this industry.

Steef, the producer, says they've had other good reviews about 'Revelation'. Journalist Christopher Smith called 'Revelation' “an amazing 80’s pop banger. We can’t wait to hear more from this exciting new artist. You rock, Tom Tom Park!“

Mid-tempo funk beats, with dance melodies and Pop vocals by Will Burton. A good bass guitar melody too and muting the beat and/ or bass line to emphasis certain lyrics is one favourite HipHop production trick, especially, that producers do.

It's clear that TOM TOM PARK is making his way into the lives of many, acting as a soundtrack for their happy memories. Each track is polished and has its unique own identity, establishing him as an artist, which people will be listening to. Keep your eyes peeled!

You should be on the look out for TOM TOM PARK. His social media is YouTube, Instagram and Spotify.

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